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Staying Sane In The Music Game


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Staying Sane In The Music Game

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"Having worked closely with hundreds of artists and literally thousands of musicians over the last 20+ years and having experienced all the highs, lows and struggles that come with working in this industry, I still can’t believe that until now, no one has written such a straight forward, easy to read book about staying sane in the music game!" Si Chai - Founder and Creative Director of Diplomats of Sound & Chai Wallahs

"I have known Brett since we were playing music together almost 15 years ago. He always had an eye to the future and got into the business to help musicians, but this could be his most important work." Bill Laurance - 3 x Grammy Award Winner (Snarky Puppy)

"Having been in many situations, within most aspects of the music industry, good guidance is always needed.” Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy 1990-2000 / Smash Hifi)

"Through the author’s personal experience in the music industry, life stories and suggested rituals, this book applies useful and deep psychological ideas without the jargon." Dr Emma Silver - DClin Psych, BSc Hons Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist

If you’re going to purchase a manual that ‘improves the lives of musicians’ then you need to know something about the background of the author; don’t you?

Brett Leboff has spent 20 years (and counting) in the music business, firstly as an artist, drumming in bands, and as a manager.

Never being one to tread the obvious path, he walked away from his own management company and his biggest signed artist (who was touring the world), and went on an adventure which culminated in raising money to buy sound equipment in order to start a music event on a coexistence project in the West Bank, with Israelis and Palestinians; an incredible experience.

Once back in the UK he was invited by Diplomats of Sound to create an artist development agency with an eye on an ethical and progressive approach. As well as this adventure he embarked on a campaign of self-development, engaging with the Mankind Project, Vipassana (10 day silent meditation retreat), iEvolve, Tantra and Sexual Deconditioning workshops.

The purpose of life is to learn, grow and face challenges, and I started viewing my life and career from an aerial viewpoint, making course corrections and some hard life choices that perhaps I had been avoiding. It gave me a fresh perspective on everything I had seen before in my career with artists and prior to that, being an artist myself, which led me to write this; a book about staying sane in the music game. In an industry that has to keep reinventing itself it’s important to keep supporting artists and this manual shares the stories, rituals and tools I’ve used over the years.

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