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That Man from Nebraska - Confronting the Constitution


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That Man from Nebraska - Confronting the Constitution

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An exciting and romantic Novella about the way elections are run in the United States of America. The “system” is so complex and complicated that very few of her Citizens really understand the process so choose not to participate.

As a Constitutional Republic, America's elections are considered a joke by many other true democracies. In most cases, voters have no option but to vote for the "least-worst" candidate knowing that whichever party rules, nothing will change for the masses. The wealthy supporters of candidates and Parties call in their markers and laws are written so as to make that which was either unfair or a crime, legal, so enabling them to enrich themselves at the expense of the lower classes.

The Federal Government is ruled by an unelected Supreme Court who, by all appearances, have followed the lead of Congress and sold out to Wall Street and the politicized Corporations.
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