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The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
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The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy

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Über dieses E-Book

The Stranger / Neznanac - from the series 'Croatian Made Easy' is a reader for learners of the Croatian language. It is a mini novel with English introduction and vocabulary list at the end of the book.


Level 2: Intermediate A2 (GERS) = Intermediate Low (ACTFL)



Veronika, a young woman from Zagreb, unconditionally wants to change her life: Despite her university degree, she works as a low-paid waitress and lives apart from her fiancé who has emigrated to Canada. She is beginning to lose hope of getting a visa to move to Canada. One day, under unusual circumstances, she meets a stranger on the bus who later seems to follow her at every turn. Finally, he offers Veronika to realize her dream but on one extraordinary condition. A story full of surprises.


This reading book is part of the book series CROATIAN MADE EASY which offers textbooks, reading books, audio books, interactive e-books with audio, videos and other media as well as useful tips for learning Croatian as a foreign language. For more information about the book series and other publications on learning Croatian, please visit our homepage.

HerausgeberAna Bilic
Erscheinungsdatum1. Juli 2018
The Stranger / Neznanac: Croatian Made Easy
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Ana Bilic

ANA BILIC - I am a literary and theater writer, filmmaker and theater director, linguist. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, since 1995 I live and work in Vienna, Austria. My literary work includes novels, short stories and poems and my texts are also represented in numerous literary anthologies. I started writing literature in Croatian in the 1990s, but for more than twenty years I have been writing only in German. My books have been published by such publishing houses as Hoffmann und Campe Verlag Hamburg, Konzor Verlag Zagreb and Hollitzer Verlag Vienna. As a linguist, I am the author of works for learning Croatian as a foreign language: CROATIAN MADE EASY - - as well as KROATISCH LEICHT - On these websites you can learn more about my published textbooks and reading books, mini-novels, e-books, audiobooks, interactive e-books and other media.  More information about all my work - not only about literature and linguistics, but also about film and theater - can be found on

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