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Zephyr's Whisper: Poems and Parables of Seasonal Pretense

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With a blend of Wordsworthian poetry style and contemporary American poetic voice,
Ken Allan Dronsfield wonderfully weaves human emotions, mysticism and Nature’s beauty as well as its harshness in his poetry. Zephyr’s Whisper will undoubtedly keep on maintaining the balance of soft soothing waltz and strong challenging winds like effects on the hearts and souls of avid poetry readers of all generations
Vatsala Radhakeesoon (Mauritian author/poet)
An American Mihai Eminescu, Ken Allan Dronsfield always tugged at my heart. His poems are suggestive, imagistic and lined with subtle emotion. Reading this collection of poems, I did have the feeling that the Zephyr was whispering at me.
Roxana Nastase (Romanian/Canadian writer/poet/editor)
Whispers from the Zephyr
Sugar cane flowing like ocean waves
Florida winds blow as egret’s hunt lunch
tapestry woven in a wildness of saw grass
buzzards perch high on branches of oak
dragonflies rest on blades of palmetto
unscrupulous clouds build to a zephyr
horizontal rains pelt all within the glades
saunters by quickly; sun now reappears.
Spanish moss drips from Cypress trees
curtains of humidity hold a damp grip
songbirds fluttering, the gators cruising;
in the great Florida swamp; days roll by;
a muskrat swims in the calming waters
a pinkish haze envelops the twilight sky
Great Blue Herons stand at stoic repose;
Listen to the whispers from the zephyr.

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