None to Help


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None to Help

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Nicole Brewster arrives in South Korea carrying emotional baggage as well as literal, but she has come to the right country for spiritual support. She knows well the reputation of the Korean church; nearly 30% of the population is Christian, Seoul houses 11 of the world’s 12 largest churches, Korea sends out 20,000 missionaries annually. Also, the English ministry she will attend is led by Pastor Peter Kim and his wife, Betsy. They were family friends back in England. Their youngest son, Paul, is a student at the university where Nicole will teach.
Nicole settles in well and soon finds romance when her Korean-American colleague invites her for dinner. But then her world is shattered when one of her female students is found dead and her friends’ son, Paul, is arrested for rape and murder. Nicole is forced to face her own brokenness as she is plunged into a dark side of Korean culture that never appears in tourist brochures.
The beautiful veneer of Korean Christianity begins to crumble, and Nicole finds those who have fallen through the cracks – with none to help.

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