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Murderous Twins

Murderous Twins

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Murderous Twins

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Aug 11, 2018


Blaine Ayers and Lloyd Thomas are identical twins -- separated at birth, reunited by accident, and serial killers by choice. Two men, posing as one.

Steve Cooke is a private investigator married to Gary Drake-Cooke, an interior decorator.

The four men's paths cross when Blaine and Lloyd move into a house across the street from Steve and Gary. What happens next has the potential to change their lives forever -- for better or for worse.

Warning: This story contains scenes of graphic violence.
Aug 11, 2018

Über den Autor

Born and bred in Cleveland, Edward Kendrick earned a degree in technical theater, later switched to costuming, and headed to NYC. Then it was on to Denver, where he put down roots and worked as a costume designer until just recently. He began writing a few years ago after joining an on-line fanfic group. Since then, for the last three years, he’s been writing for publication. Most, but not all, of his work is m/m, either mildly erotic or purely 'romantic', and more often than not it involves a mystery or covert operations. For more information, please visit

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Murderous Twins - Edward Kendrick


Chapter 1

What do you think? Blaine circled the story in the newspaper before handing it to his twin brother.

Lloyd read it, nodding thoughtfully. Works for me. You picked a woman, so you get to do the deed. He grinned. Besides, it’s your turn.

Blaine leaned back, hands behind his head as he stared off into space. According to the story, she’s attending the expo at the Convention Center as one of the featured speakers. I can meet her there, I’m sure. I’ll ask her advice on how to start my new— he made finger quotes, —business. Play into her ego. Then suggest we meet somewhere less crowded to talk, if she’s willing. I’ll offer to buy her dinner in exchange for her expertise.

Since it’s you asking, you know she’ll accept.

Of course, Blaine replied with a smug grin. We’ll have to figure out where that will be, and when.

Lloyd tapped his fingers together. The when will be up to her, obviously. She’s a busy woman. He sneered as he said that. How about the new restaurant that opened last month in Cherry Creek Mall?

That should work, Blaine agreed after picturing its location. Meanwhile, you’ll be very visible doing what, when she and I have left the restaurant and I’ve escorted her to her car in the parking garage?

If she parks there, Lloyd pointed out. She might take a cab.

In which case, I’ll be a gentleman and offer her a ride home. After all, I’ll have parked in the garage, because it’s much more convenient to the mall than trying to find a place on the street.

Lloyd nodded. "Excellent. I think I’ll he stressed the word, —feel the need for a couple of cocktails at Departure to decompress after dealing with her. I do love the view of the city at night from the rooftop. Don’t you?"

That’s certainly what I’ll tell anyone who might ask. Make sure you talk to people while you’re there, especially the waiter and bartender.

Lloyd rolled his eyes. "I have been around the block a couple of times. I know the routine."

They both laughed.

* * * *

Ms. Hawthorne? Blaine’s smile was ingratiating when the woman turned to look at him. I thought your speech tonight was very inspiring. It gave me food for thought.

Thank you, she replied, seeming somewhat impatient to get away from the people surrounding her who were offering her similar compliments.

She was middle-aged and, to Blaine’s way of thinking, looked every day of her forty-eight years. She had also, according to what he’d found out, gone through a bad divorce only a month ago.

I was wondering… He hesitated, took a deep breath as he pushed the dark-rimmed glasses he was wearing back up on his nose, and continued. I’m planning on opening my own business. I know it’s an imposition, but I would love some input from you about my plans.

She looked him over, one eyebrow arched, and he was certain she was going to tell him to call her office to make an appointment.

Instead she asked, What kind of business?

He handed her the prospectus he had put together with Lloyd’s able assistance.

She scanned it, then said, You do realize this will be a niche business.

Yes, ma’am. However I firmly believe there is a need for it. It’s why I wanted to speak with you. It would mean the world to me to get your input, and I know I should have waited until morning and called to set up an appointment for us to talk, but… He glanced away as if embarrassed.


But I’m not rich and every cent I have is going into my new company, if I can figure out what I’m doing, and damn that makes me sound like a rank amateur but it’s the truth.

She finally smiled. It makes you sound honest. A rarity these days, I’m afraid. Particularly with the younger generation who think they know everything about everything. She eyed him, and there was a touch of the predator in it—just as he’d hoped. I might be willing to help you gratis but not at my office. Perhaps over dinner some evening?

I’m free tomorrow night, if you are. I’ll pay for dinner, of course.

Of course, she murmured. Do you have some place in mind?

He pretended to think momentarily. Have you been to the new restaurant that opened about a month ago in the Cherry Creek Mall? From what I’ve heard it’s very nice. And very dark and romantic if we get a table in one of the smaller rooms. Of course he didn’t say that aloud but he hoped she did know where he was talking about—and had the same thought.

I went there last week with a friend, if we’re thinking about the same one. When he named the restaurant, she nodded. It is. She took out her phone, scrolled through it to, he figured, her appointment calendar. I’m free tomorrow night. Shall we say at seven-thirty? And Mister…Well, you never did introduce yourself.

Blaine Ayers.

Mr. Ayers, please bring copies of all the information I’ll need about your nascent business.

Of course. Would you like me to make a reservation?

She smiled, tapping a bright red fingernail on the phone, then said a moment later, All taken care of. I’ll see you tomorrow evening. Do be on time. I hate to be kept waiting, even by someone a good-looking as you. With that, she walked away, stopping to talk with several other people as she made her way out of the ballroom where she’d given her speech.

* * * *

The bitch agreed to dinner, Blaine said to Lloyd the moment he walked into the condo he and his brother shared. Of course, as far as the building management and their neighbors were concerned, only Blaine lived there. Whenever anyone saw one or the other of them, they presumed it was Blaine. But then that was the idea.


Tomorrow night. Blaine took the glasses he’d been wearing from his pocket, putting them down on the coffee table. We’d better decide what we’re going to wear—besides the glasses—down to the color of our socks. It wouldn’t do for some waiter at the restaurant to notice I had on black ones and you’re wearing navy blue when you’re at Departure. Of course the chances the cops will put things together and come looking for me are nil, but…

The devil’s in the details, as always. Being prepared will keep that from happening. Lloyd rapped his knuckles on the wooden side table. Have you picked the spot yet?

More or less. My car will be parked in a back corner of one of the levels in the garage, away from prying eyes.

"Of course it won’t be your car," Lloyd said, stating the obvious.

Nope. Blaine chuckled. Imagine how the real owner will feel when he returns to it. I’ll either offer Ms. Hawthorne a ride home, if she came by cab, or ask her if she’d mind our stopping by my car before she leaves so I can give her some paperwork I inadvertently left in it. Damn, I hope she’s not a teetotaler.

For sure. Okay, let’s work out the details down to, as you put it, the color of socks we’ll be wearing. But not right now. I’m beat.

Blaine snorted. You’ve been sitting here watching whatever— he gestured toward the big-screen TV, —while I was attending her speech. What have you got to be tired about?

Maybe I didn’t stay home?

Lloyd. Blaine shot him a dour look.

Okay, I did. I’m not stupid.

I know. After tomorrow night you can be the one who gets to go out and play.

Lloyd grinned. Dinner and a movie with the sweet Ms. Jennifer in 403?

"Whatever turns you on. It is your turn. Hell, maybe next time we’ll use her as our alibi."

As infatuated as she is with you, getting into her bed should be no problem. Something to consider. Lloyd got up. For now, though, I’m off to my own lonely bed.

You and me both. Blaine headed to his room, feeling almost euphoric as he thought about the next evening and what would happen with Ms. Hawthorne.

* * * *

Would you care for another drink, Ms. Hawthorne? Blaine asked, smiling across the table at her.

Blaine, I think it’s time we were on a first name basis. Please call me Melissa.

Only if it’s your real name, he teased, trying not to wince when she giggled. You’re too old to be doing that.

They had been at the restaurant for half an hour and already she’d downed one martini while discussing his business plans over appetizers. Now, he saw their waitress approaching with their meals.

I think I switch to wine, Ms. Hawthorne said, seductively licking the last drop of her drink from the rim of the glass. She told the waitress the same thing when she asked if they needed anything else.

We’ll both have wine, Blaine said. A cabernet sauvignon. It goes well with steak. After the waitress left, Blaine said, as he waited for Ms. Hawthorne to begin eating, Do you think my plans stand a chance of succeeding?

Let’s not talk about them right now, she replied. I’d like to know more about you as a person. She reached over to pat his hand. And why don’t you take off your glasses? I bet you’re even more handsome without them.

And blind as a bat, he replied with a rueful smile. You’d be a blur and nothing more, which would be a shame in my opinion. Anyway, there’s not much to tell. I grew up back east, went to college, and then got a job out here. I’ve been with the company for the last two years.

She took a bite of her

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