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A Biker Saga



Stax has a decision to make. Take over and lead her people to battle, abandon all she's ever known to save her man, or embrace the strange enchanting vision she's been having of late.

When Stax and Strangler met the attraction was undeniable. Not even her protective father could deny her what she wanted. When his accidental death ushers in an unprovoked war on bikers, their days of peace are shattered. Determined to unravel the mysteries that surround them, what they will discover about themselves in the process could bring an era to its end.

Author Pamela Murdaugh-Smith, inspired by her life experiences in the biker community, wrote the series; A Biker Saga, filled with epic characters who will draw you into a fantastic world of Gaelic bikers. Good souls tarnished by wars, who by no fault of their own find themselves submerged in a sea of secrets, deceit and life altering revelations.

This is the final book in the trilogy, A Biker Saga (explicit language, adult situations)

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