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Middle Clash: The Issues Which Will to the Creation of a Successful Third Party in the 21St Century


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Middle Clash: The Issues Which Will to the Creation of a Successful Third Party in the 21St Century

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Text for Author Bio: Dr. Shinedling is married with five children and six grandchildren. He earned his doctor's degree at Brigham Young University. He did post graduate work in neuropsychology at the University of Michigan. Dr. Shinedling has numerous publications and has presented papers at national and international symposiums. He has over 30 years experience working in the field of medical psychology.

Text for Book Description:

Dr. Shinedling has discovered that his middle class patients are only one illness, accident or plant closing away from bankruptcy. When he attempted to help his patients survive, he discovered the safety nets politicians boast about were an illusion. And as both Republicans and Democrats cooperate to change the bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy itself will not be an option for the Middle Class.

Government has increasingly become captive to special interests, which control the Democratic and Republican Parties. When Democrats are in power they pass laws that raise the taxes of the middle class to benefit their core constituents, (the poor and minorities). And when Republicans gain power they pass laws that help major multinational corporations and the rich. Thus, intuitively, the middle class maintains a divided government so neither the Democratic nor Republican Party is free to serve their core supporters.

Dr. Shinedling suggests a way to change government and politics. He suggests first, use the voting power of the middle class to consistently vote out incumbents. If only five percent of independents start voting against incumbents, over ninety percent of Congress will not be re-elected. Shocking the political system will cause politicians to stop pandering to special interests. Secondly, he defines the issues, which will enlist the support of the middle class in the formation of an independent and powerful third party.

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