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How to Avoid a Chicken Head

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Do you worry about your appearance instead of focusing on the health of your mind, body, and spirit? In How to Avoid a Chicken Head, author William Delaney will help you recognize and move beyond the negative influences that lead women to concentrate solely on their appearances, instead of on what makes them complete individuals.

Delaney defines a "chicken head" as a woman with any of the following characteristics:

You believe that a man is supposed to buy you things simply because you are beautiful
You spend money on frivolous items such as name brand clothing instead of necessities
You ask people to do things for you that you wouldn't do for them

How to Avoid a Chicken Head is a practical guide for women, providing real-life stories of friendship, leadership, and love; tests to determine if you are in a high-maintenance or low-profile relationship; and both humorous and inspiring poetry to help prompt women to make necessary changes. After reading this book, you will take a deep breath, discover who you are as a woman, and what you must do to reach personal fulfillment.

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