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The Ninth Man


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The Ninth Man

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Can a woman make it to the Major Leagues?

Twenty-five year old Casey Collins is somewhat of an anomaly. She is the only woman playing men’s minor league baseball. When a series of events causes Casey to jump two divisions from Class A to Class AAA, it puts her one step away from the majors, and places her on a national stage. Sparking a nationwide debate, it asks the question, ‘Can a woman compete in a man’s sport at this level?’

In a cross between Bull Durham and A League Of Their Own, follow this incredible young woman as she struggles to overcome politics, sexism and the athletic challenges of competing in a male dominated sport.

The Ninth Man has it all – action, humor, romance, as well as a collection of great one liner’s: "The term Baseball Player is not gender specific," "A woman’s place is at home – home plate that is," and "Hasta La Baseball, Baby!"

The Ninth Man is entertaining and uplifting, and presents a scenario that is sure to spark debate on whether a woman will someday cross the boundaries and make it to the major leagues.

The Ninth Man – it’s about more than baseball.

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