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$8,500,000 Judgment Day

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$8,500,000 Judgment Day is a revealing and true account of what happened after a Mississippi-based Walmart employee was falsely accused by the retailer of shoplifting, and later fired. How he took on the world's number one retailer and gave them a 'country whippin' in court is only part of the story.

Author Lamon Griggs takes us behind the clever slogans, discount clothing and saccharine greeters to give us a view of the Walmart that countless broadcast and print media sources have been reporting for years: Walmart isn't quite the good neighbor or benevolent retailer their marketing department wants us to believe they are. Griggs is neither a novelist nor an investigative journalist, but that's what makes $8,500,000 Judgment Day all the more disquieting. Griggs documents how Walmart mistreats it's employees, supports overseas manufacturing and even profiles it's customers. He immerses us completely in the Walmart culture -warts and all- without any unnecessary Walmart bashing. He's got a story to tell, and he does so in his unhurried, thoughtful southern cadence. After all, this is a former Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper who spent almost 5 years of his life and nearly lost everything to prove he did not steal a dollar and fifty cents worth of chewing tobacco.

Very quickly, $8,500,000 Judgment Day becomes a destined-for-Hollywood-must-read guilty pleasure once we're introduced to Walmart's cadre of senior level executives, department managers, missing witnesses, hidden documents, and high-priced shark attorneys. I bet you may know some of these people. And yes, there's even a happy ending here for Griggs.

When reading $8,500,000 Judgment Day, you'll experience chapter after chapter of an uncompromising drive to uncover and expose a culture that feeds on the weakness of people. You will get a better understanding of complete corporate dominance.

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