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Feargal MacIntosh McGregor is the greatest exercise in positive PR that the police force have had in years. Son of Sir Robert McGregor, Britain's most famous policeman who, as the celebrated head of Scotland Yard, ran the Met with an iron hand and efficiency not achieved either before or after his time. Feargal is feted as the bright new hope for law and order by everyone from the Prime Minister down. An Oxford graduate with honours in fine art history and psychology he is also tall, blond, improbably handsome and totally unsuited to the police force.

Feargal's problem is that he is accident prone, gullible and far too amiable to be an efficient policeman. He is eventually shipped off to Scotland; to Glenoag, a remote Highland village in a remote Highland glen that hasn't seen a policeman for 30 years (or much of anyone else). A new laird has just inherited the estate that occupies the glen and has been having trouble with poachers. Feargal's instructions are to put a stop to it. However it isn't poachers but a missing Van Gogh that Feargal is faced with on his first week on the job. He also meets Mary, a beautiful farmer's daughter, a couple of Glasgow heavies bent on revenge, a cunning pub keeper and several other characters who manage to cause a maximum of confusion along with plenty of laughs.

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