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Oct 5, 2009


Aperture is a collection of poems drawn from life experiences and reflected
through the emotional lens of love, joy, pain, disappointment, anguish,
loneliness, and exhilaration. It is an opening by which the light of simple
human experience is collimated or diffracted. Subjective, though it may, the
poet sacrifices his mood, temperament, disposition, and personality at the
altar of emotional expression. Aperture affirms that this emotion is the great
leveler and that mankind- the embodiment of pure emotion- all drowns in the
depths of its gentle wrath.
Oct 5, 2009

Über den Autor

Richard Claude Valdez was born in Trinidad, of English-Lebanese and Scottish-Spanish heritage. He was educated in Port-of-Spain at Franceschi Private School; Belmont Boys Intermediate Roman Catholic School and by the Order of The Holy Ghost Fathers at Our Lady of Fatima Collegefrom which he graduated. From his very early schooling, he exhibited a keen interest in literature and voraciously immersed himself in reading poetry and literature of the English masters. In Trinidad, he held a variety of employment positions with the firms: George F. Huggins; Gordon Grant and Pan American World Airways. He immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1970 and began studies in English Literature and music at The University of Toronto and The Royal Conservatory of Music. To subsidise his studies, he worked in a wide variety of jobs as manual labourer; landscaper; machine operator and building maintenance. Later he was employed by the Canadian Civil Service in a variety of clerical and supervisory positions. He joined the teaching staff of the Toronto District School Board in 1986 and retired from the profession in 2003. During his mottled employment career, he continued to write poetry-storing away his work-in the hope of future publication. Aperture is his first publication of poetry; his second, entitled, “The Promise of the Rainbow Through My Tears”, will be published in 2010. He is currently working on his first novel with the theme of homelessness on the streets of Toronto. A classical vocalist by profession-in the field of opera and concert-he continues to perform in Canada; The United States; The Caribbean and Europe. He has added a new dimension to his musical career by composing the music to his poems, “Four Songs of Love, Loss, Languor and Longing”, to be debuted in the autumn of 2009. He resides in Toronto and northern Florida with frequent visits to his ancestral home in Trinidad & Tobago.

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Aperture - Richard Valdez


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A Picture

He Left in the Season of Leaves!

The Boy That I Once Knew

Infant farewell

Four Songs of Love, Loss, Languor and Longing.Love


Languor She Was Not There!

Longing In the Garden of My Dreams

There Were Nine

The House Wherein I Grew


The Autumn Fall!

Now Wake from Phantom Sleep! Sonnet

The Morning Rose Like Any Other

To Ray on Our Last Ride into His Woods


Evening in the Tropics

Easter Hymn.

He Died, the Old Man.

I Have Nothing!


In The Eye of the Storm On Visiting an Insane Asylum


To Dylan Thomas Lament (Marwnad)

Under the Maple Tree in the Age of Autumn

In Passing an Estonian Church at Noonday

This Woman, She works All Day in Her Garden

On Canada Day (2001)

Goin Fishin……..

102 Edward Street On visiting my Birth House after many years.

Corner Café

She Kissed Me!

There Is Someone Living In My Father’s House On passing by my old home in the summer of 1997.

Starting Over


To Someone Somewhere in Switzerland.


He Left That Day

Le Carenage A Lament

A Green Eyed Stranger On a Bus in the East End of Toronto.

Scatter My Roses

Here In This Valley

Once a Lad in Knee High Pants

Looking East

To Sylvia


This Morning

Another day


We Are All Asleep


The Day After Written in Despondency the Day After.

In Parting at Maracas Bay

At the Seashore

A Candle on My Porch



I Love The Rain

The Viewing

Empty Glasses

I Lay Like A Slug

A Date


House of Refuge

An Inconvenient Moment


A Theatre on old Yonge Street Circa 1975

Father’s Day

Two Sweet Little Old Italian Ladies West of Oakwood

A Drunk at Ormond Beach

The Incessant Itch of Old Age

One Day

I Am Dead

Alphabetical List of First Lines.


Dylan Marlais Thomas (27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953)

And Death Shall Have No Dominion.

Published in the New English Weekly in March 1933

Fern Hill- (Though I sang in my chains like the sea)

Published and written 1n 1946

With grateful appreciation to Dylan Thomas and his publishers for the use of the last two lines of these epic poems.

Special thanks to Dave Murrell, pianist, for his piano arrangements of

Four Songs of Love, Loss, Languor and Longing.


Richard Claude Valdez was born

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