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Freeing the Light of Soul


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Freeing the Light of Soul

Länge: 246 Seiten3 Stunden


A dynamic dramatization of a soul's passage through millennia of turbulent incarnations, beginning with an ancient tribe's struggle for survival and ending with a twenty-first century who fully expresses soul's love. The compelling personalities and their evocatively rich experiences take the reader right into the action.

Readers Comments

"A pleasure to read... insightful, educational, thought provoking."
"New concepts about soul are woven throughout in a common sense way. The overall impression I'm left with is one of inspiration and wondering about 'my' soul."
"A wonderfully engaging way to open minds to possibilities."
"The book paints a vast picture of the destiny of man and of his final victory. In doing so, it helps eradicate the fear of death and of the unknown afterlife. These understandings are so sorely needed by humanity."
"A wonderful story presented in an interesting format."

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