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8-8-88 Symbols of a Life Path

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Telling someone that his or her life is whatever fate has in store for them is one thing. Now try telling them that they had a hand in designing that fate. With a strong belief in a higher power and faith in her place in life is how Catharine shows her perspective of life. Karma, reincarnation and a refusal to use words like coincidence or accident are the basis of this belief system she has acquired for herself. 8-8-88 Symbols of a Life Path is a liberal dose of spiritualism mixed with conservative common sense. Being a Libra, Catharine shows her natural urge to balance the two.

8-8-88 Symbols of a Life Path has so many meanings to the author as she explains how she advanced her spiritual sense because of these symbols she recognized. These were obvious symbols in her life path that only confirmed her beliefs. A couple of predictions from a psychic were only a fun thing tried a few times for entertainment purpose only. Then the predictions fulfilled themselves and the symbols thought of, as a coincidence became reality. When someone shows you your life chart and suddenly it becomes fulfilled to the last detail you tend to pay attention to the signs along the way. Now whose reality does she see and how does she base that perception?

Catharine takes a look at the possibilities that may be behind the symbols she has been shown and the probability that she placed them there to help her see that karmic trail she must follow. A third child a dozen years after her second and a series of medical problems including cervical cancer were seen as symbols to Catharine. To look at these changes in a sense of them being a burden or a misfortune is to limiting a thought for her. The symbols in her life path were put there because of the way they needed to shape her life. We all have a purpose and a time for everything we do. Our guides give us symbols along the way we just need to recognize them as the signs they are. It's never about what has happened to you, it's only about how you responded to it.

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