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A Determined Man

A Determined Man

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A Determined Man

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Dec 30, 2010


From the moment he was born his mother witnessed a severe accident that almost claimed his life but was luckily saved.

He grew up as a shy child of immigrant parents after the depression. Eventually the author was able to break out of his timidness and succeed in two careers. The story shows how his personality exploded in his middle twenties to eventually become a confident individual in large groups.

In his early childhood his family was unaware of a certain hardship that existed. Being the youngest child of the family, he always thought that he had to prove to others that he would succeed. The author points out that in life you can set goals for yourself and sometimes exceed them.

In elementary school he was not considered the top student in his class, but never feared that he could one day reach that level.

As a parent he was aware of his duties as the leader of the family, to seek out opportunities to better himself monetarily and change careers for it.

You will be able to see how this author approached life with a competitive spirit that allowed him to adapt with the conditions that existed at the time, and succeed.

Some families today may have children who have the same issues that the author had, and apply the same principles that this author described in his story.

Its an extraordinary story about someones life who reached success by true grit.

Dec 30, 2010

Über den Autor

The author is a graduate of Providence College and received a Master's Degree in Education from Rhode Island College. Arthur O. Aloisio is a first time author who has a great positive attitude toward life. He resides in Rhode Island and has two children, a daughter Mary E. De Ninno and son-in-law Stephen De Ninno, son Arthur M. Aloisio, and daughter-in-law Renee Aloisio. He has one grandchild Robert A. Dwyer.

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A Determined Man - Arthur O. Aloisio


Author’s Note

I had a diversified career. Writing an autobiography is not easy. My life has always included many people, and it is quite difficult for me to use the first person so much.

It was my intent to use the full name of all the people who journeyed with me; however, to avoid slighting anyone, I used first names only.

Every book has a purpose. My life has been extraordinary, with highs and lows; however, as you read the autobiography, my hope is that my story will resonate with your own experiences.

My hope in this book is to preserve the memories and understanding of others.


To Carol, Mary, Arthur, Renee, Stephen, Robbie Anna,

Ann Louise, and Michael


For the past ten years, I have repeatedly said, I should write a book from all my diversified experiences. My circumstances always seemed to work against me, however, and I never proceeded. Maybe simple fear stopped me; I lacked literary experience, other than a short story written in college or many essays written in graduate school.

There’s a saying that is quite often mentioned in life. Namely: You have to step up to the plate.

I was finally challenged by my son to do this. This is my time.

This is a story of one’s life as it happened. My dad passed away when I was very young, and I really don’t recall the good days we had together. He was an immigrant who came to America at sixteen and married my mother at twenty-two with no education. Both of my parents were born in Italy during the early 1900s and arrived at Ellis Island as Italian-speaking immigrants.

My story is one that I remember quite vividly; it encompasses more than seventy years. I grew from a young boy with great love from his family into a man who was able to achieve goals in life. It’s a journey in time, during which a boy rises to heights he never thought he could achieve. It’s about a person with a tremendous desire to succeed. Obviously, I couldn’t have done it alone. Some key people, in their own way, guided me to the future: namely, my mother, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches, and the teaching nuns.


Section I

The Beginning

The October Trip

The Challenge

The Journey Begins: My Mentor, Mal

The Ultimate Incentive

My Childhood and Siblings

Life in the 1930s and 1940s

The Adolescent Years

Catholic Families

A Forgotten Incident

My Early Boyhood

My Sister

My Brother

Unforgettable Memories

Baseball as a Kid

My High-School Days

The Baseball Tryout

Making the Team

Augusta, Maine

My First Automobile


An Uncertain Student

The Summers of 1953 and 1955

Our Christmas Vacations

My Pursuit of a Professional Career

Section II

Student Teaching

My First Teaching Position—Long Term Substitute

My Brief Military Career

My First Teaching Contract

A Defining Moment in My Career

Teaching in the Sixties and Seventies

Life as a Driver-Training Instructor and as President of the Driver-Training Teachers Association

My New Homes

Looking Back at My Teaching Career

Section III

How I Met My Wife

Our Wedding

Our Early Life as a Married Couple

Attending School

Becoming a Grandparent

My First Exposure to Politics

The Big Turning Point

Graduate School


My Legislature Days

Re-election Campaign of 1974

Life After Politics


Section IV

A Second Career

How Sports Related to My Second Career

The Insurance Agency

The Growth of My Second Career

Purchasing Two Small Insurance Agencies

A Level Head in Sales

My Medical Scare

Our Vacations

A Florida Purchase

A Trip to Arizona

Our Trips to Italy

My Charitable Work

A Change in Leadership

Mary’s Return

Section V

A Tragedy on Good Friday

Learning the Domestic Side of Life

My Formal Retirement

A New Era in Life

Section I

The Beginning

For the past thirty years, I have been approached by some of my friends and relatives to write my autobiography. I would always say to myself, Maybe someday.

Since 1985 Carol and I have been vacationing in Scottsdale, Arizona, at various times of the year. Spring and fall are the best times to travel west; the weather is absolutely beautiful.

Carol, a vivacious woman with a tremendous personality, loved the Scottsdale area for many reasons, including great shopping, the beautiful sights of the Grand Canyon, and the pink country of Sedona.

In the late eighties, we traveled to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and La Jolla, California. Our vacations were filled with breathtaking sightseeing, super entertainment, and a great deal of relaxation

One nice spring day in April of 2009, while at my office,

I called Southwest Airlines to schedule an October trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. This would be our seventh trip since the year 2005, when Carol had suffered a severe stroke. When I arrived home I gave Carol the news of our fall trip. She was always apprehensive but amicable. She was confined to a wheelchair, though a cane provided her with limited walking ability as well. The stroke had affected the right side of her brain (which affected the left side of her body).

Through rehabilitation, she was able to enjoy life with her handicap; however, it certainly wasn’t easy.

Normally our trips to Arizona lasted three to four weeks. This particular trip never materialized. Carol, at age seventy passed away in July of 2009.

The October Trip

With the airline tickets in hand, I spoke with my children regarding the trip. They both encouraged me to go to Scottsdale for a while. My son and daughter-in-law thought it would be nice if they joined me for a week to keep me occupied.

The children and I came out together for a week. I was scheduled to stay in Arizona for a four-week period.

During the week, my son, Arthur, and daughter-in-law, Renee, managed to enjoy ourselves, especially going shopping and eating fine meals and seeing the sites in the area.

On Wednesday morning, the kids departed for Providence, Rhode Island. Arthur and Renee, both professionals, returned to their respective jobs as professional insurance agent and director of internal operations in an accounting firm.

Early the following Monday morning—October 19, 2009—I had just finished doing my exercises when I received a call from my son.

Good morning, Dad. How are you?

Pretty good.

You don’t sound like yourself.

Well, I had some sad moments over the weekend. I really couldn’t describe my feelings to him, because no one can understand the feelings you have when you lose your partner of fifty-one years.

He said, Dad, you always talked about writing your life story. Why don’t you do it?

I paused and said, That’s a good idea. I now have time.

We chatted about business issues, and I said I would speak to him in the morning.

The Challenge

A few days went by and I accepted the challenge.I went to the bookstore and purchased some paperback books on writing an autobiography. I later went to a stationery store to purchase paper, pens and other supplies.

Every morning I had a daily routine. In a reflection of my years of total discipline, I exercised for twenty-five minutes, had breakfast, showered, dressed, and began my day with the challenge of writing my life story.

Sitting at the dining-room table, I was reminded of Carol’s artistic skills. Inside the basket were two small ceramic turkey displays that had graced our Thanksgiving Day table.

Carol had many skills, and one of them was putting together various designed bouquets to make her home warm and personal.

The Journey Begins:

My Mentor, Mal

My mother, Louise, had two brothers and three sisters. Her youngest brother was named Orlando. When I was born, my mother named me Arthur Orlando. Orlando,often called Mal ,was the only child in the family who went to college.

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