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Antola’S Saga: Book One of the Chronicles of the S.U.N.

Antola’S Saga: Book One of the Chronicles of the S.U.N.

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Antola’S Saga: Book One of the Chronicles of the S.U.N.

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Sep 9, 2011


On Terraan earthlike planet in an alternate dimensionlife is about to change forever. The Merged One has arrived.

It is a creature of unimaginable power and inscrutable motivations, and nothing can stand in its path and survive. Suddenly, everything that was once certain becomes the great unknown. An air of panic and fear swirls uncontrollably through the Terran society, and now no one can be trusted. In a blending of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, this bizarre new world is explored from both within and without.

In the far-distant future of a world very much like our ownbut simultaneously completely alien and mysteriousthe people of Terra must now band together if they have any hope for survival. But when even hope is consumed by the Merged One, what is left?

Welcome to the worlds of the Chronicles of the S.U.N., a twisted journey through time and space in which one possible future is examinedand threatened by extinction.
Sep 9, 2011

Über den Autor

Alan Saunders was born in Kansas to a loving mother and a father who struggled with alcoholism. After graduation, he traveled before returning to Kansas, where he now lives.


Antola’S Saga - Alan Saunders





Chapter 1

The Segmented Gem

Chapter 2

The Unexpected Meeting

Chapter 3

Crystal and Alyria

Chapter 4

The Plague

Chapter 5

Blood and Fire

Chapter 6

Death and the White Sands

Chapter 7

Project 326-F

Chapter 8

The Pit and the Knife

Chapter 9

Antola and Alyria

Chapter 10

Battle on the Beach

Chapter 11

Antola’s Team

Chapter 12

Humans versus Chote’ok

Chapter 13

Unrest at 326-F

Chapter 14

Chote’ok Battle

Chapter 15

Two Killers and Alyria

Chapter 16

The Italusians versus Norikla

Chapter 17

326-F Interlude

Chapter 18

A Little Girl Screams

Chapter 19

The Hunt and Escape

Chapter 20

Attack on Antola’s Team

Chapter 21

Brother against Brother

Chapter 22

Enter the Circle

Chapter 23

The Merged One Comes

Chapter 24

Antola Falls!

Chapter 25

A Strange Alliance

Chapter 26

Alaina and Jenaika

Chapter 27


Chapter 28

The Flowering Foxtail Herb

Chapter 29

The Mesa

Chapter 30

A Time of Life and Death

Chapter 31


Chapter 32


Chapter 33

Time of Terror

Chapter 34

The Phoenix

Chapter 35

Blood Hunt!

Chapter 36

Battle for Sumner County, Kansas

Chapter 37

The An-Family

Chapter 38

The Coming of Yillinai

Chapter 39

Connection and Departure



This book is dedicated to my mom who was my most loyal supporter and who regretfully died before it could be published. She would always like stories that had a lot of action and would keep her reading non-stop. And I also want to thank my friends. All have encouraged and supported me in various ways. This story is the result of about eight years work. The cities and towns are real, and all of the streets mentioned are real as well and can be walked upon; with the exception of a town named ‘Bayou Vert’, Louisiana. The businesses named or referred to, which exist within each city, are all fictitious; even though all of those cities are real with the exception of one [see sentence above]. All of the names within this story are fictional as well. If there is any person with the same name as found within this story, it is purely coincidental. Also the events contained within this story have never happened; or in the words of Red Skelton, [1945 and 1946 radio shows] don’t you believe it.

The type of space vessel that is predominantly used in the Star Union Network Navy is the TeleHawk or TeleCruiser. It relies on the principles of Trans-Dimensional Physics. The interior exists outside of our Mega-verse atomic vibrational level and [in this way] can actually be larger in total area than what is revealed by the external dimensions of the vessel itself. The system relies upon the concept of attachment to dimension 343 and this is used as a sort of ‘towing truck’. This system is known as the bio-engineered recirculation and accumulation of kinetic energy or b.r.a.k.e.—The ship will connect to this dimensional energy and will actually be pulled along at the speed of thought. As fast as the Astrogation officer can visualize the destination will determine how soon the ship will arrive where it is meant to go. The length of time is usually one to three minutes.

The story is written as if it was originally in another language, ‘Amerusian, and then translated into English. There are a few exceptions which were transliterated from Americanised English or A.E. into Amerusian and back again into A.E. It may read somewhat like an allegorical folk story, much like Gulliver’s Travels or Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, but that is how stories are told in this society. As we are now in the twenty-first century, since tastes in such stories have become either more sophisticated or more violent, this saga has been adapted with this in mind. It is my desire that I have satisfied both tastes to some degree. With that in mind; you, the reader, are welcomed upon a journey into one possible future of earth-Terra.


Science Fiction is meant to take the reader, or viewer, upon a journey of both imagination and wonder. To help you to understand some of the details of this story, information has been added and is to be used as references. They are as follows.

The following personnel carried weapons are tactically offensive.

[1]   Anti-matter grenades; a secondary weapon that has been [in part] replaced by blast crystals because they have been proven safer for the environment but a.m.g.’s are still used within the Star Union.

[2]   Blast crystals, which is the military designation, are reddish crystals that are one inch in diameter [on the average] with a maximum blast potential of one million square feet and can be adjusted to a desired set of dimensions. There is no explosive sound but there is a concussion effect. Originally they were referred to as the ‘geological omni material alterational crystal. This crystal can be used to alter one geological material into another, depending on the need at that time. It was used by different mining companies of five of the seventeen families. There are eight power settings on the crystal and the range can be adjusted, depending on the circumstances.

[3]   This is an energy dagger which is a short dagger like weapon that emits both a paralyzing and a fatal charge of electricity.

[4]   The ice knife has a metal blade which causes this weapon to achieve an abrupt drop in temperature, of whatever it touches, to minus 100 degrees Celsius.

[5]   The ionizor pistol, rifle or cannon is an energy weapon that counters the energy network binding the atom together. The result is a systematic collapse on the atomic level.

[6]   The pulsar torch is a rod shaped device that emits small balls of laser light. It can be used as a close range weapon but is more often used as a means of lighting an area so that the more effective ionizor rifle can be used.

These following personnel weapons are considered defensive in nature.

[1]   The energy / matter repelling cube [e.m.r. cube] is an energy shield composed of 3 interwoven layers [for the individual] or 12 interwoven layers [for the vessel] of energy. When activated, the emr cube absorbs all light energy requiring travel to depend upon psionic guidance rather than visual. The cube can be adjusted to matter repelling only. This allows light or any other energy to enter and so that sight is possible.

[2]   The next one is the heat wrap which is a closely enveloping energy that absorbs the heat from the nearby air and ground and transfers it to the one with the heat wrap device.

[3]   Following it is the invisibility lantern; this device negates the refractive index of the one carrying it. This allows light waves to then pass through the carrier rather than reflect off of them. This creates a true invisibility, and not a stealth field or wall around a person.

[4]   Living rope is a rope woven from krizyrik and werkai roots, living organic material that bonds itself to the skin and nerve fibers of the one tied. It can only be severed by a spray made from a certain flower from that same area.

[5]   Mirror is a portal to other dimensions and universes.

[6]   Psionics is the ability to create illusions or nightmares that lead to an emotional collapse, to cause sleep or unconsciousness, to heal, to merge two personalities, or to capture a mind.

[7]   Purity powder is a compound that neutralizes any poison or disease from food or water.

[8]   Sleep mist is a fragrant scent that induces sleep.

[9]   Smoke dust is a grayish chemical that turns to a thick smoke upon contact with the dust on the ground.

[10]   Tsalok armor; ounce for ounce, this type of chitin has been strengthened until it is 12.375 times stronger than the strongest metal alloy.

Measurements of distance come first:

[1]   1 ain=1.5 inches;

[2]   1 wa’im=15 inches;

[3]   1 naw=12.5 feet;

[4]   1 nas=125 feet;

[5]   1 til=1,250 feet;

[6]   1 clid=12,500 feet or 2.36742424 miles.

Measurements of time are next: [All plurals are word + ik.]

[1]   1 raj=1 second;

[2]   1 ka’oj=1 minute;

[3]   1 wo’is=1 hour;

[4]   1 eroy=2 ½ days;

[5]   1 udai=25 days;

[6]   1 woi=375 days;

[7]   1 ruos=125 years;

[8]   1 uwak=1,250 years.

Measurements of weights:

[1]   1 tadi=1.75 ounces,

[2]   1 laki=17.5 ounces;

[3]   1 baz=10 pounds, 15 ounces;

[4]   1 azur=109 pounds, 6 ounces;

[5]   1 zan=1093 pounds, 12 ounces;

[6]   1 tark=10,937 pounds, 8 ounces;

[7]   1 ya’ig=109,375 pounds;

[8]   1 loy=1,093,750 pounds.

Finally there are the medical devices and medicines:

[1]   Fuser is a device that causes skin to reconnect without needing stitches.

[2]   Ice knife is a surgical tool that numbs the wounded area and inhibits bleeding.

[3]   Medications

[.1]   Complas is a form of blood plasma. One pint of complas [compressed plasma] equals 20 pints of regular blood plasma.

[.2]   Leurcine is a natural drug that enhances the physical body’s ability to overcome diseases and injuries from 800% to 950%.

[.3]   Ortikasine is a natural drug that augments Leurcine and accelerates the regrowth of the cells of organs, muscles, and other body tissues by as much as 450 %.

[.4]   Rythar is a natural drug that caused healing to bone marrow, causing bone regrowth.

[.5]   Selkale is a mild stimulant that is rich in B and C vitamins.

[.6]   Sleep-mist is a mist-like substance that stimulates the area of the brain that controls sleep.

[.7]   Tadarene is an anti-viral medicine that literally eats viruses. In addition, its by-product is B16, a new type of B vitamin that enhances improved eye health and neuron growth.

[.8]   Virarna is a ‘fragrant ‘drug that can, in certain cases reverse death and cause the heart, brain, and other organs to regenerate. It can also re-liquefy blood, after it has clotted.

[.9]   Watyrka is a liquid protein that dries on contact with skin. It is used to cover a wound temporarily until proper medical treatment can be given.

Marriage Oath between Jicrai and Ale’ai: in both Amerusian the ‘common’ language of the Star Union Network and Americanized English paraphrase:

Paloi ji tae choo drayai, Jicrai. [Please, always be my friend/lover, Jicrai.]

Drayai da’yi, bo ta’ne kolai ne’elz k’pre’li ela aleya, Ale’ai. [Friend/Lover, I always hope that you will always be with me, Ale’ai.]

Paloi kai comai, Jicrai? [Please fill me with your love, Jicrai?]

Drayai dayi, d’fi siti cra’il ela cra’ni’el, asai’tael ela ka’lau tril’faol nuor ka’la nuja. [Friend/Lover, be mine now and on-going, walking and living, while time is alive for us.]

Ta’ne juti bo ka’la kai ji d’fi cra’il ela cra’ni’el, Jicrai."

Star Union Network ranks of authority:

Na’asa-i’ah = trooper recruit

Na’asa-setu = trooper-trained

Ka’aru = corporal

Alika-flar = 6th sergeant

Alika-alk = 5th sgt.

Alika-muo = 4th sgt.

Alika-sen = 3rd sgt.

Alika-sai = 2nd sgt. /orb sgt.

Alika-t’li = 1st sgt. /star sgt.

Thalak-sen = 3rd Lt.

Thalak-sai = 2nd Lt.

Thalak-t’li = 1st Lt.

Karat-sai = 2nd commander

Karat-t’li = 1st commander

Maolanai = captain

Elita-sai = 2nd major

Elita-t’li = 1st major

Re’ila-sai = 2nd colonel

Re’ila-t’li = 1st colonel

Ta’alu’o-flar = 4th general

Ta’alu’o-sen = 3rd general

Ta’alu’o-sai = 2nd general

Ta’alu’o-t’li = 1st general

Main Characters [only] Glossary:

Alansa / Prof. of History at T’kila University in the Stellar Confederacy

Ale’ai Eikar wife of Jicrai

Alex Flagstaff / young W.P.D. Captain; former Marine Sgt., decorated twice for bravery

Alyria / the Watcher / wife of Antola and older litter sister to Tanatla

Andal / A.U.R.A. trooper and nephew of Antola who betrays them

Annie Wilson / Student Aide working on Doctorate in Biochemistry

Anofu / Capt / Alyria’s superior

Antarak Colonel of 118th Stellar Confederacy Legion / detached service

Antola / Team Commander of the A.U.R.A. sent to retrieve the segmented gems

Aru’ia / Chi’ith pack leader

Aylene Merritt/ David’s fiancé / married and divorced before

Ben Tanner / Genetics Project 326-F

Blue Fox 26 / one of the remaining Tsal sub-leaders of Alansa’s time

Carl Merritt—Aylene’s divorced husband.

Carl Smith / Monterey, California Police Major

Christie / daughter of David Sullivan

Crystal Sinclair Smith / Project 326-F team leader / Biochemistry, Virology. Physiology

Daniel Carlsen / Major, then Lt. Colonel / U.S. Army / Project 326-F

David Sullivan

Dourina Mistress of the Circle / 21 st Century

Drakus-Alpha / Leader of the Tsalok

Duorni / Circle Master / 21st Century

Estali / former prince of executive council and ousted by Norikla

Florasar / from Vareg 5 or Alyria / alternate earth

Fosetta / Circle Master / 21st Century

Ha’ilna / Tatin Leader

Harina / Chief of Norikla’s ‘secret police’

Jicrai oldest son of Jim and Crystal Sinclair / and a Huma-kar

Jim Smith / Project 326-F / Biochemistry / Molecular Biology

Kaalir / Admiral in Italusian Empire / demoted for treason

Kai’itah Mistress of the Circle / 21st Century

Ka’ista / First Major and Security Officer in Stellar Confederacy

Kalar / A.U.R.A. 2nd sergeant / hover infantry

Karl / a human changed by a psionic encounter.

Karrina / Circle Mistress 230th Millennium

Koli’i / Alaina’s mate to be

Karalna / trained psionic and pre seer of time future events A.U.R.A. trooper

Karelna / S.U.N. / Loyalist Psionic and squad leader

Laitria Circle Mistress / 21st Century

Liandra Alyson / Circle Mistress / Bayou Vert, La.

Linaga / is the Second General over A.U.R.A.

Lilara / mistress of the Circle and former High Mistress

Lisa Lancaster / Dr. in Virology and step-sister to Dr. Phil Tanner

Loili Jenaika / Doctorate in Genetics @ 23

Madil / replaces Takal of Italusian Empire

Mer’okk / Nardek leader

Mikadra / Trained in Psionic combat

Molki or Nomolki / Cousin to Norikla; ashamed of his cousin

Nesai Alaina / Doctorate in biochemistry @ 21 / Project 326-F

Niela / Circle Sister

Norikla / is a power hungry prince who seizes power during 103,995 P.H.

Nurahana Tiaga McKarsen / falls in love with Yaksel

Ostata / T’kila Municipal Guard Senior Commander

Phil Tanner / Dr. of Biochemistry

Raneera / Circle Mistress / 103rd Millennium

Reeska / A.U.R.A. tactical officer and trained psionic

Reesna / A.U.R.A. 1st sergeant trained in psionic and unarmed combat

Sheila Collins / brilliant and sensitive Doctor /Project 326-F

Shimara Mistress of the Circle / 21st Century

T’silinaikareedra / Excalixian ‘healer’

Tahler / Dr in Trans-dimensional physics and in Time Concepts

Takal / Emperor of Italusian Empire; killed in explosion; replaced by Madil

Tanatla / A.U.R.A. Captain and brother in law to Antola

Tarae / A.U.R.A.; she is an Eikar Medic and a 2nd Lt. and Alyria’s rival for Antola

Tareana / younger sister to both Tanatla and Alyria

The Merged One; a life form committed to absorbing matter, energy and Yillinai

Tiena / Mistress of the Circle / 132nd Millennium

Tilar’u / the manager of the hidden hot springs for the Circle

Tilan / A.U.R.A. Sergeant and Psionic

Tomal / Circle Brother

Traste / General in Italusian Empire

Twa’a’in Mistress of the Circle / 21st Century

Vanessa Leclure / An assassin with Ninja skills

Yaisol is a S.U.N. General and ‘Second Citizen’ under Norikla.

Yaksel / A.U.R.A. trooper and Scout

Yillinai / Creator of time and space


An-Family: an influential family that includes members, either born or adopted, from the tribal nations of the Chi’ith, Eikar or the Hrai’ne; or the huma-kind nations of the Humachi, the Humakar or the Humarai.

Anti-circle: a group of individuals that are united with several goals in mind. [1] To aid Norikla; [2] to get rid of those of the Circle; and [3] and to minimize the effect and plan that Yillinai has for earth-Amerus.

A.U.R.A. is a group of those who are united in opposing Norikla and his allies in their goal to enslave the beings of all of the Star Union. It stands for Amerusian Underground Resistance Army; funded to some degree by the An-Family.

Casiorn Neutral Alliance—similar to the Neutral Worlds Federation but with three differences: [1] There ‘neutrality’ is as much a way of life as it is a philosophy [one can be neutral about being neutral]; [2] one can be politically conservative or liberal and yet be neutral; and [3] neutrality is like a river, you can be neutral only if others will recognize your freedom to be neutral, otherwise you will need to fight for your freedom to be neutral.

Circle—a group of refugees from Hlalix 4 who were rescued by Yillinai by being brought to different time periods of earth-Amerus. They willingly co-operate with Yillinai in maintaining freedom and true happiness for all.

Eorkai Pirate and Privateer Union—the Eorkai control five star systems and operate an extensive number of fleets. Some of the ships are strictly pirate whereas the privateers double as attacking ships of one or the opposing side of a spatial war and salvage operations to maintain an inventory of replenishing supplies in technology, metal for damaged hulls and other supplies such as food and clothing.

Free Federation of Worlds—an alliance of worlds that is ruled by a Council of philosophers and apologists.

Italusian Empire—a neo-Nazi styled organization established with the goal of eventual domination of all life, intelligent or otherwise and the subverting of it toward the absolute control by their rulers for their own glory.

Neo-United States; this nation of Amerus consisted of New Kansas, New Missouri, New Illinois and New Louisiana. It is the principal country where the huma-kind live.

Neutral Worlds Federation—an alliance of worlds that desire to exist apart from those empires and alliances that seek to influence and control other worlds. They are mostly dedicated to helping others when emergencies occur with food, water, and medical supplies. The problem is that not all recognize their neutrality.

Planetary Analysis [and] Survey Teams, or P.A.S.T., are responsible for scanning and performing related tasks that will give future colonists or mining personnel a realistic view of the surroundings and dangers, if any. Part of the Ka-Family business concerns.

S.C.I.: S.U.N. Counter Intelligence is a group formed to out-think and overcome those of A.U.R.A. Those of this group are obsessed with this goal. They were personally chosen by Norikla for this reason.

S.U.N.: the Star Union Network has existed for about 80,000 human years. It is dedicated to equally for all and no one minority has more rights than any other minority. A strong emphasis is placed upon the ‘Four Laws’ which involves the four aspects of treason against the Star Union Network.

Star Union Network Stellar or S.U.N.S. or S.U.S. Confederacy; is also known as the S.C. or Stellar Confederacy—The replacement government for the Star Union Network. Because of Norikla, tighter restrictions were placed upon the three branches of the government, to form additional legal barriers to insure that there wouldn’t be a repeat of this event.

T’kila Municipal Guard: a city wide militia dedicated to the defense of the city of T’kila and its people. They consist of volunteers from both the Tsalok and anyone from the twelve tribal nations [Thonfouscoke’ok] or of huma-kind.

The Seventeen Families—they are the descendents of Jim and Crystal; this loosely unified group is far more powerful both economically and politically than is the Star Union Network as a whole. They include the An-Family.

Thonfouscoke, Chote’ok, Unity or the twelve tribal nations: these terms all mean the same; a loose alliance between 12 species and which transcends species boundaries and which are held together by one unifying fact—the common heritage of Jim and Crystal Smith as the ‘father’ and ‘mother’ of these races.

Tsalok First Army: also known as either the Sword and Torch [S.a.T.] or more informally as the blood and fire troops. This is because of their resolve to get a job done even if it means resorting to total destruction as a means of accomplishing their goal. They are both respected and condemned.

Co-ordinates are a specific area within the mega-verse or its dimensional equivalent. It can be given in a two element pair of numbers which will give a broad or general point of reference or in three numbers which will give a more specific area of reference The area referred to could include a moon, planet, star-sun, asteroid zone, etc. It should also be remembered that the space around each galaxy is divided into four ‘directions. "North is ‘above’ the galaxy; and ‘south’ is beneath; whereas ‘west’ is counter [or counter-clockwise] to the slow galactic ‘spin’ and ‘east’ is with [or clockwise] the slow galactic rotation. The galactic ‘equator’ is a computer plotted line that exists only within the compute; a mark plus number sends a ship ‘above’ the galactic ‘equator’, a mark minus number sends a vessel to a point below the galactic ‘equator’.

A light year is the distance that light travels in one year’s time; but the actual distance may vary due to the effect that ‘wormholes’, black holes, dimension 343, or other externals may have upon light waves themselves. The average distance, based upon an earth-Amerus year is 556 trillion, 539 billion, 20 million, and eight hundred and eighty thousand miles. This figure is plus or minus approximately up to 50 million miles.

Certain Americanized English [A.E.] words do not have exact Amerusian equivalents.-This refers as much as to the word as well as tones used in speaking. Several words were exclaimed briefly on page 95 and 96 and are more fully explained here.

The phrase ‘Yillinai figliccasre or condemned*’ is never used in Amerusian [pronounced Am ur roo sian] as it presumes an authority that belongs only to Yillinai. And yet, in human speech, this hate-filled phrase is used to a varying degree.

The next is a single compound word of four words, saur-ityr-siwa’ayyu’ta-d’sita [place-fire-perfection-justice] or ‘hell’*. This area is an exact geographic region where those who refuse to trust Yillinai will find themselves sentenced to for all time and beyond. Again, this word is not used by Thonfouscoke’ok in speaking. There is just too much pain involved in this reality and no anaeklom would-actually choose to refuse Yillinai’s forgiveness and journey there out of an attitude of rebelliousness.

A male offspring of a she-dog* is another phrase that has an actual equivalence within Amerusese. But unlike the A.E. usage that seeks to humiliate, ridicule, insult and shame the one that the word is aimed at; the Amerusese word is used to designate a mother who is both fertile and loving of her off-spring. It is used to honor the mother of a family and to show how much her family respects, loves and honors her.

Thonfouscoke’ok is a formal ‘catch-all’ term referring to all of the races that are a part of this society and the word itself has as its closest human equivalent the phrase United Nations; the informal and most often used word used is Chote’ok [from the five major tribal nations of this society] whereas the closest English equivalent to the word anaeklom is the English word citizen; anaeklomok is citizens. The nationalities of earth-Amerus include Chi’ith [pronounced Khi’eeth], Eikar [Ee-i-kar], Humarai, Humachi, Tsal or Tsalegane [formal], and others; but not [in the strictest sense] Thonfouscoke’ok. This word is actually a word developed which uses the first letter of each of the twelve Tribal Nations upon earth-Amerus. The letters ‘ik’ and ‘ok’ designates a plural. The first is a ‘static’ plural used by ‘non-living’ objects even if living creatures are associated with it; whereas ‘ok’ is used directly by anything which is viewed as living—and this includes plants.

The society of the Thonfouscoke’ok or Chote’ok is based upon the modern Japanese, the Hebrew people at the time of King Solomon and that of the 18th and 19th Century American Indian. The Tsalok are based upon that of the Mongolians that had a conflict with the people of China at that time.

Planets mentioned by name or referred to in a general sense in Antola’s Saga are as follows:

Alpha Centauri 5

Corsle 3

D’nai 3

D’nai 4

Dajilri 4: a planet where rebel Italusians moved to who rejected the tyranny of the Italusian Empire.

[earth is not capitalized for the following planets because it’s a generic planet name that is only made specific by the second name attached to the first by a hyphen. These are all alternate earths and are required to have the word earth precede the real name of the planet.]

earth-Alyria: an earth similar to earth-Terra until 1911 to 1913 when an asteroid made several passes around that earth. The result was the altering of the planetary orbit to 389.55 days. Several unknown viruses were released from the asteroid and in addition to a large scale fatality rate, mutations also began to occur. At first the numbers of altered people were small but conflicts began to occur between ‘normals’ and the mutants. The mutations increased in degree until earth-Alyria became a world of nightmares.

earth-Amerus-tou’ni [see page 11]—the Capital world of the S.U.S. Confederacy. The year is 375 days long and the day is 27 hours long. The day is 11 hours and the night is 16 hours long.

earth-Hlaika: the fourth world of the Hlalixians and of those from the Circle.

earth-Terra: the earth of humans; and it is also known as earth-Amerus by those of the Star Union.

Eorkai 1A4—formerly Sit’lai 4

Eorkai 1C3—formerly Wo’ikyr 3

Eorkai 1E3—formerly Nyramai 3

Excalix 4—the Capital world of the Star Union Network

F’tikai [Jupiter]

Hlalix 3

Hlalix 4

Hlalix 5

Italus Alpha 4

Italus Beta 3

Palacra 2

S’kara [Mars]

Talras 4: the home planet of the N.W.F.

Tri-Star Alpha—only the star is referenced

Tsa Tsio 4: a Tsalok world where over 250 billion Tsalok are in cryonic randomization

Vareg 3 [see earth-Alyria

Vareg 5

Vawer 5

Chapter 1

The Segmented Gem

It was on the 12th day of the month of Zhi’as Muoli [fifth month of the twelve tribal nations; or April 2nd of the old human calendar] of the year 103,987 P.H. or Post Humanity that Antola, who was one of the three High Clan Leaders of the An-Family, had ordered the An-Family’s Third mining sub-fleet of 25 mining vessels to be assigned to the asteroid belt close to the space of the Hlalix-D’nai-Corsle Trinary Star System. This specific Trinary star system is about eighty thousand five hundred and ten light years from where earth-Amerus would be. This Trinary star system was .083 degrees dimensionally out-of phase with the dimensional level that earth-Amerus was a part of. A dimensional jump was therefore necessary to reach that area of space that the worlds of this star system was a part of. But these worlds were only a small number of such planets; of which many were a part of the Star Union Network.

Since the sub-sector that the asteroids were in; existed out of the actual unified trio of star systems by 7.083 degrees from our dimensional reality. Those from each of the Trinary group of star systems knew about these asteroids but no one from those unified star systems had yet acquired the technology to reach them.

These strange unified star systems were connected at the farthest point of each. The worlds of Hlalix 7, Corsle 8 and D’nai 8 were and still are contested and argued about by those of each star system. The planets revolve around each other, rather than around each of the separate stars. Hlalix 6, Corsle 7 and D’nai 7 are all uninhabited. These worlds all showed the geological scars of near contact with one or both worlds of the other two systems. Between Hlalix 6 [38x earth-Amerus] and Corsle 7 [34x earth-Amerus] is an area of approximately 80,000 miles that separate the orbits of these two planets at their closest point. An asteroid zone is evidence of a collision at some time in the past which resulted in the formation of that asteroid zone. The collision also tore a hole in local space and the asteroids were pulled into the hole and then the hole was sealed, possibly by the energy generated from the collision as well The lack of moons of these two worlds and the presence of moons around D’nai 7 would suggest this.

A vessel, K.P.S12-V22 [Ka-Family Sub-Fleet 12—Vessel 22] which contained P.A.S.T. personnel, had been sent there by order from the Ka-Family, had now entered into that part of space and was going through the area when their scanners had detected several unusual and high level energy readings. This was done as a favor to the S.U.N. Council since the Italusian Empire had begun to cause problems in the area. The crew was also asked to keep alert for any Italusian war vessels moving through that area of the space that they were in and toward the Trinary star systems but not to interfere with them.

Information on this area of space and the conclusions of the team had been sent to the Ka-Family. They had sent it on to the An-Family. Then aids had relayed this information to the An-Family leadership and then to Antola.

After receiving it, he read the report over twice and then checked through the list of available mining vessels. There was only one mining sub-fleet available at that time. He knew that there was a need for a rare form of green clay that was needed by artisans for sculpture and the creation of household items. The asteroids in that area had a similar material but it needed to be altered to a small degree to fill the need.

The An-Family vessel number A.M.S3-V14 [An-Family Mining Sub Fleet 3—Vessel 14] had just received instructions from the sub-fleet Captain to separate from the other ships in the Third mining sub-fleet and journey to the coordinates 107,336 by 23.447 by 87.36 which would bring them near Hlalix 5. The crew began to fire up the d.i.t.c.a. System for just such a maneuver.

Then the crew got busy with engaging the b.r.a.k.e. system. They then linked into the primary access controls of the d.i.t.c.a. systems and the vessel purred like a cat as the pulling sensation began. They vanished and then the astrogation officer caused the ship to emerge at the desired co-ordinates to begin their survey. They scanned the area which showed likely sources of minerals near Hlalix 5. This included a very strong scan reading of a small crystal mass of enormous power.

Then the Italusian warships suddenly dropped out of trans-space and came into view. The warships swarmed around the mining vessel and their gun ports slid open. The crew on board the unarmed mining vessel became tense. Then one of the Italusian Captains saw the Ka-Family crest on the vessel. They realized that the Ka-Family and the An-Family’s combined economic and political influences would cause such unwanted economic problems for their Empire that it would be more terrible than the entire might of the S.U.N. itself. And no Italusian Captain wanted to take any such life threatening risk, both for himself and for his family, as a result of causing economic problems stemming from antagonizing a union of such two powerful families.

The arrival of these warships was the direct result of the Hlalixians refusing to become the willing allies of the Italusian Empire. The Corslene, who were their near neighbors in their unified star system, had willingly joined their Empire. The D’naites and the Hlalixians had refused. The D’naites had joined the Neutral Worlds Federation hoping that this would give them immunity to the threat of the Italusians. The Hlalixians preferred, instead to ally themselves with the Star Union Network as a provisional member-world. So the Italusian leadership decided to make an example of the Hlalixians first and then the D’naites second as examples to the beings of other nearby Star Systems who dared to defy them.

The Italusian 14th War-fleet began, prior to the mining ship’s arrival, to survey the nearby asteroids, arriving in single ships, doing ‘surveys’ of their own or taking leave but those excuses can only succeed for so long. This attempt to legitimize their presence ended when their vessel numbers became too many. Then, when over 100,000 warships suddenly appeared and joined those already accumulated near their world; the Hlalixians began to have great concern about this massive number of war vessels.

Then, on the evening of the fourth day, the firing upon the planet began and this revealed a terrible sight to the crew of the mining ship. Antola had been keeping a close watch over this situation and had ordered the other mining vessels from that sector.

The remaining mining vessels’ crew saw that this world had been surrounded by these warships and they slowly drew as close to the planet as was safe for them. Then the vessels opened fire. Thus began the last day for Hlalix 4. This world was now undergoing a massive orbital bombardment. The cheering began as the Fourth Star-wing suddenly appeared and then moved toward Hlalix 4. Unfortunately, the crews of several Italusian ships had seen them. They seemingly alerted others who were on board and the result was that much of the huge fleet moved to intercept the S.U.N. vessels.

In the meantime, a few ships dropped a large number of canisters into space near Hlalix 4 which released their contents. The Italusians had realized the need for haste, due to the arrival of S.U.N. ships, and then began flooding the planet with nightmare gas after their energy bombardment.

Then another Italusian Imperial Fleet, the 23rd, arrived and rotated to meet the oncoming S.U.N. vessels, three Italusian ships broke loose from their formation and the lead ship targeted Hlalix Four’s main continent. The nightmare gas had begun to work upon the population. They accessed several communications satellites and did a reverse feed. The sight of tens of millions of citizens were running amok, attacking others on the planet. This had a refined version of the green virus as a basis for the gas. This horror did not last long for the Hlalixians of that world.

With an overwhelming sense of horror and shock, the crew of the An-Family mining survey ship 14 watched as the single missile entered the planet’s atmosphere and scanners showed that it detonated about 500 feet above that land mass.

This resulted in the forming of several small points in the air. These began to glow with an orange-red for a few seconds. Then the air that was glowing then expanded and erupted into fire. These isolated points continued to grow in size and began to connect together like the storms that had once formed on F’tikai [Jupiter]. The S.U.N. TeleCruisers fought to reach those on the planet’s surface but the Italusians were determined that no one of the planet would survive. This caused several nearby asteroids to begin to burn. One of these asteroids shattered from the heat and the crystal mass that had been detected was released from its interior. It seemed to pause for a few seconds and then moved toward the mining vessel. An attraction beam was used to bring it inside. When that ship’s captain saw what it was and that it was in seven pieces, he knew that it was the segmented gem. And that meant trouble. Already the few members of the crew that had seen the segmented gem had become fascinated and awed by it. The Captain knew, from the legend, that a desire to possess it would not be long in appearing. He placed it inside his personal safe and instructed the ship’s A.I. to guard it well. The A.I. complied with the request. Then the Captain assigned two trustworthy Chi’ithok outside as guards.

The Italusians continued to place their vessels between the S.U.N. cruisers and those they tried to rescue. The S.U.N. flag-ship, a TeleBattleship, sent out repeated challenges to the Italusian Fleet but they ignored these challenges. The S.U.N. ships were wearing down the enemy blockade but there were just too many opposing vessels.

Within ten minutes, the whole planet had changed to become a blazing sun and 840 million inhabitants died either from heart failure due to the nightmare gas or by incineration from exposure to well over 1,000 degrees of heat.

Then the Italusian War Fleet divided. One fleet and moved ever so slowly to Hlalix 3, a small colony, and the other fleet went to Hlalix 5 which was being used for mining. The S.U.N. TeleCruisers divided their numbers as well and sought to intercept and stop the Italusian warships but to no avail. In both cases, the Italusians repeated what they did to the Hlalixian home world. Their only crime was that they were a part of the Hlalix society. Three Star-wings arrived less than two minutes later but it was too late to protect those of Hlalix. They sought for survivors and found 153 ships of various sizes that had escaped the planet.

The realization that all three of these missiles contained star-triggers was to outrage all who were on board the An Family mining ship. For anyone to have such a weapon had been outlawed, prior to this time, by all civilized worlds but the Italusians seemed to cling to the view that all races, other than their own, were destined to be allies or slaves. All who chose to oppose the Italusians were seen by them to be as inferior and deserving to die. And to them, the use of a star-trigger was entirely justifiable. But this attitude, on their part, would prove costly. But to further add to their mistake, they never thought to search for the fourth colony. It was a hidden world, dimensionally out of phase to Italus and Hlalix. It was known locally as earth-Hlaika.

The Italusian Fleet turned toward D’nai 3 and 4 after the destruction of three of the four inhabited Hlalixian worlds. They were going there to continue their intimidation via destruction, but found two full Star-Wings waiting for them. Then the three other Star-wings, after finishing their rescue operations, came up behind the massed Italusian war-fleet.

It was during this time that the mining vessel crew caused the ship to be dimensionally pulled from that area and return to earth-Amerus. The Captain had sent a triple encoded message to the Ka-Family and the return message came that the vessel was to re-route to another location. The Captain would be contacted shortly with the new destination.

Then an unexpected message came from Antola. He had been told about what had happened and especially about what had been discovered and brought on board. The return message was brief and to the point. Bring the discovery of the crystals to the An-Family Compound on S’kara [Mars]. From there, the ship was to then continue on to earth-Amerus as if nothing had happened. [The planet’s full formal name is earth-Amerus-tou’ni but known informally as earth-Amerus. See page 175]

It is important that historians were to record that this was the single largest spatial battle ever witnessed to that date and it was near the D’nai star system. Afterward, over 82,361 warships and support vessels, from both sides, were found damaged or destroyed. Hundreds of privateer vessels from the Eorkai P. and P. Union swarmed over the S.U.N. and Italusian vessels like locusts. Their ships came from Eorkai 1A4, 1C3 and 1E3. Many of the ships, that took part in the battle, had been abandoned by their Captains and crews after destroying key systems within their respective vessels first. Those vessels that weren’t abandoned weren’t boarded by the privateers but towed to where the appropriate side could locate them and rescue them. The privateer crews salvaged everything that they could and this included sections of the hull of many of the ships. These were connected with cables and towed away.

The loss of life and casualties, from the battle between the two space armadas were over five and one half million with one and ½ million actually dying. This included an attack by the Corslene upon nineteen medical ships from the Neutral Worlds Federation. The government of D’nai had requested help from the N.W.F. and they responded. The N.W.F. ships’ markings were clearly visible, both

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