An Other's Mind


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An Other's Mind

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An Others Mind is a landmark and brilliant piece of research on Social Policy and its relationship with covert and overt institutional racism. Professor Quiros addresses everyday racism in corporate America, not-for-profit agencies and academic settings. It is written with a combination of depth and clarity of the haves and have nots. He gives clear examples of discrimination, oppression and poorly integrated aspects of self and proposes ways we can arrive at a more clear-eyed vision of a truly democratic nation. His building blocks are historical theories and live case studies of various situations that demonstrate both the tragedies of omission and neglect perpetuated by the elites in our society. Quiros passionate and intra-psychic experience in conjunction with his detailed research, evident in our everyday lives as he presents it, is a real eye-opener for the United States and its myriad of cultures and people.

Maria Muoz Kantha, PhD, LCSW is an activist, educator and Mental Health Consultant in NYC
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