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Feather Dusting

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The author learns about Gods sovereignty through battling depression and experiences Gods provision through blessings of family, new beginnings, and the power of laughter. Robyn Dotson Hess, self-published author of title, The Journal Wins, continues to use writing as a daily envisage. Events that need answers or closures are reached as she relies on her Heavenly Father to open up the doorway to resolutions. The book, Feather Dusting, grazes only the surface of morality; however, there is something for everyone to learn and ponder. If a tear forms or a smile occurs while reading, the author is successful.

Each chapter rather the Inspirational one that uplifts, encourages, and promises good to the Life chapter which showcases the young, old, good, bad, highs and lows bring fresh views on living. The chapter on Depression may appear embellished, especially to those who do not understand the disease of depression. But to those dealing with depression, it brings words to feelings and a friend to the lonely. The book ends with the enlightening Family flowering. Like a lecture, each carries away a connotation that is personal, and when compared to others, a different impression. All are riding the same vapor of existence, so take from this book what you will and share the rest.

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