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The Operator: Die by the S.W.O.R.D.


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The Operator: Die by the S.W.O.R.D.

Länge: 574 Seiten9 Stunden


Counterterrorist specialist Dexter Diamond and his S.W.O.R.D. operatives continue their mission of hunting down and eliminating the remainder of the NAFs ill-fated Millennium Strike Force, and in doing so, ignite a conflict with Adam Clark and his CTAC assassins. From his maximum security prison cell, Sanchez Ruiz, the leader of the Latin Kings orders a hit put on Dexter for the death of his favorite nephew Rafael.

A continent away in Germany, US Army military police sergeant Jason Black begins an investigation into a series of hate crimes on the Army bases within the Schwabisch Gmund/Goppingen military community. Jason soon discovers that Army specialist Mark Kerns is heavily involved in Neo-Nazi activities and has connections to a secret Ku Klux Klan group that possibly spreads throughout the US military in Germany. When Jasons commander, who is a member of the Klan orders him to drop the investigation, Jason refuses and is targeted for death by a KKK hit squad comprised of US soldiers.

Monique continues her investigation of The Brotherhood of the Iron Hammer, a violent and corrupt group of federal prison guards and stumbles across an informant that could help bring the entire organization down. When the Brotherhood learns of Moniques plan to arrest several key members and possibly take down their national network, they enlist the services of a homicidal Aryan gang to set deadly trap for her to silence her and discourage any other federal prison inspectors from interfering in their operations.

As fate thrusts the players inevitably into each others paths, a sinister collaboration of terrorists from the vaunted Al Qaeda organization and the legendary Red Army Faction embark on a mission that will force them into a direct confrontation with Dexters feared S.W.O.R.D. operatives.

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