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Keeping the Juices Flowing


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Keeping the Juices Flowing

Länge: 138 Seiten2 Stunden


Cecily Westbrook is a Jamaican and African American mixed, 27 year-old female. She is beautiful, intelligent, has a good job and a gorgeous boyfriend. She is independent, lives alone and is very private. Cecily is a simple, yet complex person. Her one and only dilemma is that she has no idea why the love of her life has become the latest statistic in the missing persons file, or has he? After years of numerous failed relationships, Cecily realizes that she has been tied emotionally to several meaningless relationships. When her current boyfriend ceases to exist, Cecily chugs all of her conventional attitudes in the trashcan and goes for an excursion on the wild side. She encounters some old-world and new world things with acquaintances as well as strangers. She fears losing touch with herself in the may lay, and struggles to keep the essence of who she really is in tact. But while abandoning all of her senses, she plunges head first into an abyss of sex and wild imaginings, or is it? The novel takes curves with ease and dares the reader to sit back and relax until its surprising ending.

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