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CANNABIS CATECHISM: Promoting the Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant


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CANNABIS CATECHISM: Promoting the Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant

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CANNABIS CATECHISM: Promoting the Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant

The MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM is a small, practical handbook about the subject matter at hand and stages a timely grand entrance into today's modern society, plagued with social ills and trials for a correct conscience, regarding the moral and responsible consumption of recreational cannabis. From Parents to Kids....from Kids to Parents...each directs a moral message to one another—one that promotes morality and moderation in consumption...and another message that inspires parents and teens to nurture vital conversations in the home concerning the use of recreational marijuana.

The author, MR CANNABISrc is a ficticious character and a divine prophet sent by God to Mankind to speak of truth and goodness about the Vices and Virtues of the cannabis plant. The MCrc Cannabis Catechism handbook focuses its messages to Teens & Young Adults, stressing the critical health risks and the many social hazards as reasons why to volunteer a pledge to their parents to "Wait Till 25" before the partaking of all recreational drugs and recreational alcohol use. In the end, MR CANNABISrc delivers the TEN COMMANDMENTS for Responsible Consumption to all Mankind, stressing the First Commandment to be the most important one of all: "PLEDGE." "WAIT TILL 25!"

Additional Details about Target Audience

Recreational marijuana peeks the interest of everyone who partakes or anyone who imagines themselves in the partaking of the cannabinoid THC in cannabis. The prevailing emergence of legalized marijuana across every community in America, whether medicinal or recreational, exposes the youth of our great nation to the many health risks and social hazards of cannabis consumption, especially for young people under age 25.

Concerning this critical aspect, teens and young, college-age adults could establish a mutual platform upon which they can stand together; a cognitive framework and role model to behold; a paradigm accepted by all informed to unite and dedicate themselves to a resolve to study and work hard during their educational years...a resolve to their parents to AVOID all drugs and alcohol till age 25.

Parents of teens, and even adults of all ages, might want to make the MCrc Cannabis Catechism accessible in the home in order to nurture vital conversations about legal drugs to their kids, or to have for informative entertainment as they also will partake in a responsible manner. Perhaps parents should make a pledge to their own kids to follow the 10 Commandments for Responsible Consumption of the Cannabis Plant, thus setting a good example to their children.

Everyone of Mankind can assume a responsible role to support one another in the MCrc Mission. The MCrc Message is loud and clear for all to explore and to enact into one's lifestyle. From Parents to Kids...From Kids to Parents...each directs and supports a moral message to one another---one that promotes morality and moderation in consumption...and another that inspires Parents and Teens to nurture vital conversations about drugs around the dinner table.

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FYI...The subscript RC stands for: Responsible Consumption of Recreational Cannabis.

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