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Feather in the Void: The Farsian Trilogy, #2

498 pages6 hours


     After freeing her family from the palace dungeons, Zemfira herself has been taken prisoner.  Her captor, the Hellenic Hegemon, has scattered the Farsian army in battle, and intends to subjugate the entire kingdom. More concerning to Zemfira are the Hegemon's divine aspirations: he will sacrifice her in his quest to transcend mortality.

     Her friend Paniz wants to save Zemfira from the Hellenics, but royalists and monsters stand in her way.  In order to fight back and protect her friends, Paniz must learn to master her unusual powers before it's too late.

     Even as the final battle between Farsians and Hellenics looms, Zemfira knows the Hegemon's divine ambition will be far more devastating than any war between humans.  She must do more than escape his clutches—she must stop the Hegemon from ending reality itself.

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