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Tell Me No Truths

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A story of family secrets. Three modern teenagers meet in Florence to discover the truth about a revered grandfather and a literary recluse. Their searches overlap and intertwine to reveal the shocking truth about past betrayal and present revenge.

A double detective story that combines the secrecy and betrayal of Mal Peet's Tamar with the search for an author as elusive as Elena Ferrante.

Three teenagers meet in Florence, intent on unearthing secrets. For Jade and her twin sister Amber, it's a familymatter, trying to nd out the truth about their Italian grandfather, who has just died.

But they have no idea what a can of worms they are opening as they delve into a past full of betrayal, murder, sex and love.

Nico's quest interweaves with the girls' as he searches for the true identity of E J Holm, the author of the detective thrillers he devours. The victims and the killers in Holm's books all seem to be linked to the Partisans who resistedthe Fascists in Italy in World War Two.

Gradually, Jade discovers that her grandfather's secrets are linked to that too. Who is E J Holm really? And what is his connection with the girls' grandfather?

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