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Diabetes Code Cookbook: An Unofficial Cookbook With More Mouth Watering Recipes


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Diabetes Code Cookbook: An Unofficial Cookbook With More Mouth Watering Recipes

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DIABETES CODE COOKBOOKAn Unofficial Cookbook With More Mouth Watering Recipes

After the success of ‘The Obesity Code’, the author Jason Fung has released this book in March, 2018 with focus on the primary goal of avoiding and reversing Type-2 Diabetes. The information in the book is mostly available free in his blogs but the book has been devised in a manner which is easy to follow and convenient for the user to logically understand it. The blogs are not as much refined as the book and it offers a deep insight into authentic and convenient methods to prevent type-2 diabetes. The book has a stern persuasive lingual approach to convince the user of its authenticity and effectiveness.

There is certainly not much difference in the content of his previous books like ‘The Obesity Code’ and ‘The Complete Guide to Fasting’ and all the material in the book has already been posted on the web but ‘The Diabetes Code’ is written profoundly in a professional manner to let the reader understand everything without much effort.

The previous books have no information regarding the reversal of type2 diabetes and it was done deliberately by the author to cover this topic in a proper book to address every aspect of it. This book critically points out the interconnection between obesity and type-2 diabetes. The book points out ingrained obesity and the issue regarding resistance of insulin. It thoroughly explained what insulin resistance is, how to understand it, how to tackle it and how to avoid it.

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