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May 20, 2018


This is an exploration of self and the world though poetry . Some of it is witty and some doesn't make any sense. It is about how any event or even word can mean so many things to different people . It explores issues of faith, hope ,love , masculinity and depression among others.

May 20, 2018

Über den Autor

Tshiamo Oagile Leeme is a 22 year old young man trying to traverse the landscape of sex, politics ,religion, internal struggles, love and so much more using poetry as both his boots and his machete. He was born and raised in the Southern African nation of Botswana and has always loved the feel of a word on the tip of his tongue and the fragrance of a book written by a man or a woman with the same love. He is also a born again Christian and uses everything that he is to write and to speak.

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21 Questions And More

Something I said wanted to be 

I was sixteen

and overflowing with naivety.

Something perceiving itself as camouflaged

but oh contraire !

Everything is bare.

You normally can’t see but when you do

you realize it see through.

Maybe I’ll pass on something I rarely see.

Something I’m not sure if I still want to be.

Something I’m not sure if I am yet.

Will God send a sign?

Will the world?

Will this body?

Has it been sent already?

Will a frown pay rent where my smile did?

Will it pay the same amount?

Will she remember how the former tenant looks?

Will my kids?

Will that count?

Will I care?

Will my mouth remember how to curl the other way

or how to say I love you

or how to sing John Legend songs

without being disgusted?

Will my ears remember the sound of my countless apologies?

Those I didn’t mean.

Will I apologize still?

Will my voice go shrill from yelling?

Will my callused knuckles be the ones telling

my life’s story?

Will her blood be the ink?

Will a chromatograph reveal

the kaleidoscope of my on impurities?

Will she try to be patient?

Will she be as complacent as I am?

Will she be at peace

or just peace adjacent?

Will I drain my tears

before they appear?

Will they even be invited to my mother’s funeral?

Will a release valve be provided for my gas tank soul?

Will the valve appear when they least expect it?

Will my gas tank soul belong to a fire extinguisher

or a flame thrower?

Will the magistrate see those flames?

Will my children?

Will I be no more than a ghost to them?

Will they vaguely remember me when I’m away,

and petrified when I’m not?

Will rocks envy my toughness?

Will my heart be sandwiched between a rock and a hard place?

Will my heart be the hard place?

Will I be this way claiming to know God’s face?

Will I burn her with a pipe she never asked for?

Will I be the only thing that I ever give

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