The Money Navigator: The Essential Guide to Living Your Ideal Financial Life


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The Money Navigator: The Essential Guide to Living Your Ideal Financial Life

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Navigate Your Way to Financial Freedom

The road to financial well-being is complex. En route, you face an overwhelming variety of complicated choices—from deciding which job to take to determining how best to spend or save—that can impact your financial life in ways that are often difficult to predict.

Author Paul Bennett knows there is no decision that is not connected to your financial well-being. With over twenty-five years of experience, as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional he also knows that navigating those decisions doesn’t have to be so hard. The Money Navigator examines:
• Key insights into human economic behavior
• Reasons why investors make poor decisions
• Why financial and insurance products are so misunderstood
• How a Money Navigator—a full-scale CFP®—can help you invest well and manage your financial life with ease.

​With fresh insights and real-life examples backed up by in-depth research, each chapter of The Money Navigator offers you practical takeaways for you particular situation, whether you find yourself on the cusp of retirement, are already retired, or are facing a life transition. Bennett’s expert navigation and advice propels you toward the life you always imagined and equips you with the tools to attain your goals.
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