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Diary Of A Wimpy Noob: Vehicle Simulator: Noob's Diary, #16

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Start your engines: The Race is On! 

Its engine roars. Its tires squeal. Noob's almost crossing the finish line when a culprit intercepts her race. 

But when Noob makes a surprising discovery, she is unexpectedly thrown into a life of misery. 

Being forcibly expelled from Robloxia by Sheriff Chase, Noob the legendary McLaren P1 racer is suddenly pushed out of the sport she loves. 

To get back in the city and join the race, she will need the help of an eager experienced race technician with her own plan to win, reveal the dark secrets and overcome a few unexpected turns. 

Will Noob be able to return to the Robloxia Vehicle Simulator and keep up with the tough competition, or will she putter out mid-race? 

Ready to embark on an exclusive adventure with Noob? 

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