No Regrets: Living a Life of Passion, Self-Respect & Boldness: Rise As Men, #1


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No Regrets: Living a Life of Passion, Self-Respect & Boldness: Rise As Men, #1

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Many men in today's society feel that they are failures in life…

But the only true variety of failure comes from not trying to reach your full potential in the first place because you're actually full of regrets.

There comes a time in every man's life when they feel that they have tried everything to make a change, and yet for some reason or another, that change has not successfully manifested into their lives.

What happens then is that we become profoundly discouraged, and end up living life in a downward spiral of regret.

We have all heard someone say, 'If you're going to do it, then do it right or don't do it at all'. And even though we often feel we have done things right the first time, we are all too quick to discover what we think is right is quite different from what someone else's idea of right might be.

We then begin to feel like we have failed, we feel sorry for ourselves, become discouraged, and regret making a choice in the first place.

What we have to understand in the chaotic modern world is that we CAN always bounce back from even the most difficult situations.

The question you have to ask yourself if you truly want to learn how to rise from the ashes of where you are right now is: Do You Regret the Choices You Have Made So Far in Your Life?

If you answered yes to the above question, then ask yourself this: Do You Think It Is Possible to Live Your Life Without Regret?

My answer? Absolutely!

There is a way for men to stop feeling sorry for themselves and to start reclaiming their lost motivation for life.

What many men don't always take into consideration during times of failure is the fact that a very common – if not unfortunate – part of being, not only a man but a human being as well, is regret.

Whether you think you have figured it all out, or even if you consider you haven't, the unforeseen obstacles that seem to insert themselves in your path can at often times, take you by surprise.

Sometimes, setbacks hit you like rocks and can seem insurmountable.

You might begin to believe that you have failed for a reason and that there is no possible way that you could ever be the man you want to be. Thus, this results in many men regretting the path they have chosen in life. 

More often than not, many men will then begin to believe the worst case scenario will happen…and they are a lot less ready to believe in the possibility of success

If everything you have read describes how you feel, then this is where the advice contained in No Regrets: Living a Life of Passion, Self-Respect & Boldness (Book 1 of the Rise As Men Series - approx 103 pages) comes in for you.

No stones are left unturned in this book. It is a ground-breaking book that will help you Pull Yourself Back Up from the Canvas and Begin to Rise As a Man! This book is a good kick in the arse for many men living in today's society.

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