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Home Based Internet Business

Home Based Internet Business

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Home Based Internet Business

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Nov 30, 2009


Use the power of the Internet to start your own business or improve the business you have already started. This guide will show how with limited resources anyone can start a business with the multitude of tools available for research, marketing, sales, distribution, website creation and communication that are a fingertips click away. Written by a home-based business guru and consultant, the guide offers detailed options as well as suggestions so you can make the right decisions to reach your ultimate goal.
Topics covered include:
  • Defining Your Home-Based Business Opportunity
  • Business Research
  • Popular Home-Based Internet Businesses
  • Computing Solutions
  • Site Marketing
  • Sales Tools & Sites
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Managing Your Customers
Nov 30, 2009

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Home Based Internet Business - Jeff Zbar


What Is a Home-Based

A home-based Internet business is different from almost any other business. It:

Uses the Internet and computer to source, market, sell, and ship products.

Reduces the reliance on an expensive brick-andmortar storefront location.

Fits the retailer’s lifestyle, allowing the retailer to sell or work at the hours that suit his/her needs, even while on vacation.

This guide explores how entrepreneurs can launch successful businesses from home using a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, and the Internet.

Why Start a Home-Based Internet Business?

A home-based Internet business provides freedom. An Internet business affords the entrepreneur freedom to pursue a business alongside an existing job or to create a new career.

Costs, and sometimes risks, are lower compared to those of a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

The sky’s the limit: an Internet business may open more options for a solo entrepreneur than a traditional business.

Security is often found with being self-employed.

Beware of Home Business Scams

Every day, inboxes and spam filters receive countless get-rich-quick opportunities. Don’t fall for these. When responding to a new business offer, ask for several references, contact the Better Business Bureau or Department of State in the state in which the company is registered, or search the web. Not all are scams, but be sure to protect yourself before investing.

Home Business Resources

Home business owners must know about or have advisors for the following:

Laws and incorporation

Taxes and accounting

Home business zoning

Business strategy and planning

How Online Entrepreneurs Operate

These entrepreneurs are:

Independent. They’re willing to explore, stumble, and succeed.

Tech-savvy. They’re game to learn about online shopping carts, advertising and affiliate programs, website setup, and social media.

Willing to work hard and at odd hours to do the job.

What Business Should You Pursue?

Expansion or extension of an existing retail business to a wider, even global, market

A saleable craft or hobby whose products or services can be sold online

Anything you know—and that the market is hungry for

What’s Your Niche for an Online Home Business?

Content or publishing: Publish unique, in-demand content that others want to visit and read. Revenue is generated through selling or placing ads or affiliate links on the site.

Product: This can be a product that is bought and resold at a profit or a craft or hobby that is produced by hand and sold online to consumers.

Service or consulting:

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