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Fearless: a Journey to Financial Peace

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After finding her brother dead from a financially motivated suicide, this gripping story shows one womans journey from her haunting financial past to financial hope. I harbored my own financial distress and secrets just like my brother. I knew that I needed to tell my husband about our own descending financial situation. The dread was back with its baneful eyes piercing my soul. I was utterly lost, and I needed to find a way out.

Money pervades all aspects of our lives; however, our past pervades all areas of our money. I was already married with a family when I found out how my childhood fears influenced my financial decisions. Looking back I remember my father as a mans man. Standing at six foot four, he was an imposing figure. He had a narcissistic personality which both attracted people to him and made people fear him. As a child, each evening when the sound of my fathers footsteps reached our front porch, one of us children would yell, Run! Katherine Paterson, national ambassador for Young Peoples Literature, said that a childs heart is a resilient thing. Bend in out of shape and it bends back but rough it up too much and it develops ruts. My heart had developed deep ruts, and for most of my life when I felt fear, I ran. This is a book about how I stopped running.

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