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Job Satisfaction: Fact or Fiction: Are You Satisfied with Your Job?

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Job Satisfaction: Fact or Fiction explores the reasons that some people experience total job satisfaction and others do not.
Throughout the book, I will ask several questions of the readers of this book, starting with: Are you satisfied with your job?
This book will investigate ways to boost job satisfaction and suggest steps to improve the quality of your work life. Even if you are in a job where you cannot see a way out, you can make some changes that will increase your job satisfaction.
A highlight of this book is the interviews with individuals in various jobs and experiencing various degrees of job satisfaction. The interviews represent workers from all walks of life to provide an understanding of job satisfaction in line positions, management, and senior management positions.
The book will explore the relationship between college education and job satisfaction. It will consider expert opinions on the connection between healthy relationships at work and job satisfaction. Generational differences related to job satisfaction have also been identified. The book examines whether baby boomers are different from Generation Xers in their job satisfaction.

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