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The Riverman: Never Caught, but Paid the Ultimate Price


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The Riverman: Never Caught, but Paid the Ultimate Price

Länge: 366 Seiten6 Stunden


Suppose you were in control of $154 million dollars of legal pharmaceuticals that had been stolen, and you purchased them for $3 million. You knew that you stood to make near the normal dollar rate if they were redistributed to a legal foreign market. Would $90 million make you happy?

This is a story about such temptations that begin with a missing man. In a small southern town, or a relatively medium-sized Ohio River town, there is a retired cop and, presently, a private dick looking for a missing person. He works his magic to find the man. Along the way he discovers mysterious leads that twist and turn and have him in the middle of an international drug scheme for profit. Those in power make him a fall guy for a double murder. See how this nobody skirts the law and finds the truth. Luck or ingenuity, you choose. When you read and think it is over, it is not.

This reading covers a lot of territory including small towns in Kentucky, DEA, FBI, local homicide, organized crime, people so called Ohio River rats, and a donkey farm. How do some people afford those big boats on the River? Can $90 million solve all these problems?

A book by Ron Carroll, a retired everything, cop, detective, narcotics, teacher, boys High School basketball coach, private investigator, and a life long college student. Oh, also, once a deputy sheriff. Awards: Mayors Award first class, for Federal Narcotics Strike Force undercover operations commander, Kentucky Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame. Self award for extreme imagination. That means I day dream a lot, why not, go figure.

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