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Hitting the Innovation Jackpot: Practical Essays on Innovation


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Hitting the Innovation Jackpot: Practical Essays on Innovation

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Uncover repeatable processes and timeless fundamentals that can be tailored to any situation with this inspiring guidebook that encourages individual and organizational innovation.

With the challenges of cultural constraints and variable conditions, there is no exact blueprint to drive innovation. Even so, there are ways to make it more possible. Regardless of your situation, the basic what and how of innovation has not changed.

Get advice from innovators in a variety of fields who provide the substance you need to build a solid innovation program. These practical messages deliver guidance to help you become a better innovator yourself and to create the team dynamics to boost organizational performance.

Writers of innovation essays include Eric Garvin, Global Hawk manager at Northrop Grumman Corporation; Paul Byron Pattak, political and business strategist; Chris Haddock, head football coach at Centreville High School in Centreville, Virginia; and many more!

Become a pragmatic visionary who not only sees where an organization needs to go but who knows how to inspire people to achieve goals. Get a foundation of solid skills to start Hitting the Innovation Jackpot.

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