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The Constitution of Our Soul: Destiny’S Deliverance of Our Soul’S Rights


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The Constitution of Our Soul: Destiny’S Deliverance of Our Soul’S Rights

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The Constitution of Our Soul: Destinys Deliverance of Our Souls Rights presents an inspirational guide to the process of awakening the souls raw potential. Your soul has untapped power, and it is your right to learn how to harness that potential. Inside are helpful tools and techniques to guide your journey, all with the goal of helping you to return to your own innate omnipotence. Angels and confusion are explained in depth, as are the states of consciousness. The climate of their experiences as you travel through them on your return to your powerful true presence is also made clear.

Author Kristy Kaye explains techniques in detail to help you open to your inner truththe Constitution of the Soul. With the information within, you can learn how to live from the pivot of spiritual laws, thus enabling you to reclaim your inner serenity, peace, abundance, tranquillity, and contentment.

Here is an individual blueprint for life, designed to help you navigate your journey of soul discovery with ease and clarity. Explore the inimitable nature of its wisdom from eons of time and open the pages about how knowing your inner truth will expand your education in self-discovery.

Delve deep into the extraordinary participation of the angels in your every moment of life on planet Earth, and youll understand more about your transition and beyond. The secrets for how to reveal your souls constitution are investigated and portrayed comprehensively.

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