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Energy in Motion: Stories and Lyrics Uniquely Mine


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Energy in Motion: Stories and Lyrics Uniquely Mine

Länge: 96 Seiten56 Minuten


I am excited to say that the journey you are about to embark on with me just might open you to new possibilities and new potentials as you reflect on my inner growth. I have a strong hunch it may be similar to yours. Similar in the sense that everyone has a story about their life, and most everyone talks about significant events in their life. That is why I decided to write part of my story here. You will see many me, myself and I references and maybe a few you, yours, we and us interlaced. That is my way of inviting you to take this journey with me.

If you choose to know more about your connection to your Soul, you will find that you are beginning a New Age, that you can set a new standard and a new normal for yourself. You will discover enlightened contentment; you will be a Body of Consciousness (mind, body and soul); you will live your New Passion while experiencing, expanding and expressing.
Living your Passion is Energy in Motion.
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