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Borderline Warfare:: Unc Forces in Korea, 1954-1974 (A Historical Chronology)


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Borderline Warfare:: Unc Forces in Korea, 1954-1974 (A Historical Chronology)

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BORDERLINE WARFARE: UNC Forces in Korea, 1954-1974 (A Historical Chronology) By Robert V. Hunt, Jr.
Many believe that the Korean War ended with the armistice signing at Panmunjom on 27 July 1953. In fact, the Korean War has never ended--officially or otherwise. While an "armed truce" inititally diminished the level of hostilities, the North Korean Communists never gave up their goal of communizing the korean peninsula.
Beginning in the mid-1960s, North Korea launched a major attempt using both insurgency and conventional means to bring abouth the destruction of non-Communist South Korea.
With the active support of Communist China and the Soviet Union, North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung felt confident that if he could create a provocation that induced either the United States or South Korea to launch an overt attack on his country, he could invoke his mutual defense pacts with the two Communist giants, who would then actively support him in his quest to conquer South Korea.
This work chornicles the borderline warfare that nearly brought about another major war in Asia while the Vietnam War was raging.
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