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Middle East Perspectives: From Lebanon (1968–1988)


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Middle East Perspectives: From Lebanon (1968–1988)

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Take a journey through the Middle East, examining the dynamics that made it a lightning rod for political controversy, religious dissension, and violence between 1968 and 1988.

Born in Egypt and educated there and in Beirut, Lebanon, author Bassil A. Mardelli has a unique perspective on the issues that continue to affect the region. He explores the region, from the deserts of Sinai to the highlands of the Golan, before moving on to Lebanon, which is in the eye of the storm. Drawing upon his own experiences, Mardelli establishes his Lebanese views. Learn about the complex conditions of the Middle East prior to Lebanons destruction, including the Six Day Wars demoralization of the Arab cause. Mardelli also shares his view that the main underlying cause of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is driven by violent extremists from multiple sides.

To understand the Middle East and the challenges it faces, it is essential to learn about this relatively small but vital country. Without knowledge, the steady quest for power will continue, and the results will be horrific.

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