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Abc Book of Poems: For the Heart and Soul


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Abc Book of Poems: For the Heart and Soul

Von Jami

Länge: 187 Seiten2 Stunden


I have composed twenty-six poems in alphabetical order A through Z. Each poem is a description of its title related to positive thinking, health, happiness, love, and life. Each poem consists of four paragraphs and one ?nal line. Each paragraph consists of ?ve lines, free verse and intentionally designed without any punctuation. The title of the book is, ABC Book of Poems for the Heart and Soul and dedicated to my daughters, Elma and Zarah. The cover concept re?ects love, peace, harmony, and wisdom matters so important in our lives. I have chosen the pen name, Jami (which is my nick name) as the sole author of the materials.

I have dealt with some basic universal concepts and have written these poems in plain English to reach out to a broad range of readers of all ages, cultures, intellect across the globe. This is my ?rst book of poems ever written and so I am very much interested in your feedback so that I can continue to write by meeting, if not exceeding your expectations. I hope you all enjoy reading these poems and generate some healthy discussions to expand on these title concepts. I wanted to thank you for reading and/or purchasing the book and hope you will continue with your reading habit for your personal and intellectual growth. Also, I wish to continue producing quality books in the years to come.

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