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Fearless at Any Cost

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The book, Fearless At Any Cost sustains a real episode from the life of the author during the 1980s in communist Romania. In a country, where the expansion and public adoration of communism were holy laws. In a country, where contradicting communism and its faithful followers were synonymous with death. In a country, where the spokesmen of religion or of human rights were prosecuted. From this country, I, the author, tried to escape, longing for freedom.
My first attempt to escape was unsuccessful. I was caught at the Romanian border. In this book, I had describe a faithfully all the suffering, the inhuman treatment I was subjected to. The unfair punishment of hard labor only to try to break my spirit, and my desire for freedom. Did they succeed? No.
I had tried to escape a second time. Unfortunately, my second time had failed also. This time I wasnt captured, for I had lost myself in a deadly swamp. This deadly swamp was my salvation, so I didnt stand get back into the hands of the murderous communists, and didnt stand in front of another unjust court. This second failed endeavor almost broke my fighting spirit. But what choice did I have?
I was gambling with my young life, as a hustler and I risked everything again with a third try. I knew, this third one would be the last. Whether I make it or not, I wont have another chance. For if I fail again, the protecting heroes of communism are going to finish me.

At this time, luck was with me. My third attempt was the real thing. I succeeded and I finally achieved my long awaited freedom.
In this book, I had described all the pain and suffering my family and I had to endure. Exciting complications, daring actions, overcoming deadly dangers, they are all here. I had described the seven days spent in a locked freight car without any food. All the real events of my escapade.
The reader will find in this book every reason to respect freedom. Also, every reason to abhor communism. One can understand how often we are frighteningly close to death and hope redemption only from God. One can understand why thousands upon thousands had risked their life for freedom, and how it is that freedom is wroth all the pain and unjust suffering.
In a communist country, to reach for freedom seems as realistic as to reach for the stars. The book: Fearless At Any Cost might bring tears into the eyes of the reader, until the happy ending, where he can sigh: Thank God, after all that suffering he had reached his freedom.

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