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A New Song: The Last Years of Chris's Life

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Was Chris's life valuable?

In the early years we were told society was changing towards those diagnosed with mental retardation, developmental disadvantages, and special needs. Encouraged to educate and train him to be socially acceptable, we believed he would become a contributing member of society. We spent large amounts of money, made great sacrifices, and gave 100% of ourselves so he would become a useful citizen. We were excited about his accomplishments and his eagerness to be accepted as a valuable participant in the world community.

As Chris's family we believed he would be welcomed as a neighbor, parishioner, guest, passenger, employee, and friend. There have been kind and generous people throughout Chris's life. Many accepted him. However, we did not find a welcoming world. We experienced deceit, exploitation, hypocracy and pain. Unfortunately, we live in a society that promotes eradication of unborn babies who might be born with similar handicaps.

During the last years of Chris's life he was happier and more independent. Hopefully, our story will help to generate increased acceptance of these special individuals and to discover the incredible value of their lives. Chris accepted and loved others unconditionally, living in a spirit of forgiveness and gratitude.

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