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A few months further on and the events of Amsterdam seemed a distant memory. A new adventure was now beckoning for Jamie, H, and Vinny. This adventure would play out at Sluggly manor. Home to Lord Peter Sluggly, a new acquaintance from the Amsterdam trip. The scene is set the cast assembled. The event, the Sluggly manor summer ball.

A thunderous storm lays waste to an almighty oak tree. From the wreckage comes a cylinder that had lain undisturbed for two hundred odd years. It's contents, a handle to a hidden doorway and a mysterious treasure hunt. Peter's mother, Lady Caroline Sluggly is not going to let some old treasure hunt get in the way of her and her latest sexual conquest. Up step's, our intrepid trio and the scene is set for disaster. Hold onto your hats and baton down the hatches, its likely to get very silly. Read and enjoy

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