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Airtight: Security Solutions for the New Millennium


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Airtight: Security Solutions for the New Millennium

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There is no greater adrenaline rush for an undercover narcotics officer than purchasing a bag of black tar from a heroin dealer and then walking to the street to signal the crew to make a mad dash for the front door, Halligan tool in full swing, shouting, Police, everybody on the floor! The malefactors are arrested, and another community can begin to heal.

What is rarely seen is the preparation that went into the final bust, and the untold stories of those forced to live in the shadows because a short walk to the corner store could result in violence.

AirTight demonstrates best practices to reduce and prevent these scenarios, by presenting contemporary, practical strategies to increase safety and security that are just as effective as iron bars, locks, and gates. AirTight explains how to work within the natural environment to create beautiful, secure spaces that encourage interaction, which promotes healthy communities. In addition, learn the strategies for preventing crime and potentially dangerous situations before they erupt.

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