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Jinn Rummy: Would You Know?

304 pages5 hours


Leslie Philips is a bright young thing, good at his studies and the school cricket captain. Sohail Mahmood is his best friend. In their spare time, they play gin rummy.

Sohail tells Leslie of strange goings on at the Mahmood household; recanting supernatural happenings occurring with alarming regularity.

Strange visions and events start to afflict Leslie and his family after he tries to interact with the mysterious Mahmood family in an attempt to improve Sohail's quality of life.

On the eve of Leslie & Sohail embarking on a working Mediterranean cruise during their summer vacation, Sohail mysteriously disappears leaving Leslie to go on the cruise alone where he has the time of his life until he meets a strange couple who warn him of impending danger alluring to the absent Sohail and his supernatural affliction.

On Sohail's eventual reappearance, his experiences disturb Leslie as he realises that he was warned about them by the strange couple aboard the cruise ship.

The pair end up in Pakistan; a journey again predicted by the strange couple. The air is thick with palpable tension as Leslie has prior knowledge of the unseen situation. Returning home, the plot concludes with a chilling twist.

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