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Uncontrollable Love

Uncontrollable Love

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Uncontrollable Love

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Jul 17, 2012


A twenty year old man named Ryan goes to a nightclub one night to find someone, who to him is deeply attractive. They both click magnetizing theirselves together as they go through a relationship like no other, experiencing a love so strong. They both share a passion for poems as they communicate in rhyme. Their love is overshadowed by evil that tries in more than one way to end them. They find out later on that they are in fact cousins but does it end their relationship. Neither one of them knew each other as a tragedy took place. Will their love be able to withstand blows and earthquakes as they attempt to rupture? Are they destined to be together or will it be too much for their love?
Jul 17, 2012

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Uncontrollable Love - Daniel Cade



Daniel Cade


1663 Liberty Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

Phone: 1-800-839-8640

© 2012 by Daniel Cade. All rights reserved.

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Published by AuthorHouse 07/11/2012

ISBN: 978-1-4772-1565-4 (sc)

ISBN: 978-1-4772-1564-7 (e)

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The Day He Falls

The Best Feeling

Their Ever-growing Love

The Truth

My Savour

Discovering the Truth

The Birth of their Creation

Their Vows

The Day He Falls

A tall dark brown haired handsome man called Ryan found himself a normal nineteen year old boy. He lives at home with his mum and dad. He has a nine year old sister and a seven year old brother. He has finished school and he has finished college. Even with all his qualifications and ability in architecture designs, he cannot get a job due to recession.

He lives far from his family due to his mum’s side having only one sister and she died in an accident fourteen years ago. She had a daughter that was put into foster care. She tried her hardest to adopt her sister’s daughter but she could not, due to social services rehoming, her sister’s daughter before consulting with her. So Ryan has no contact with his cousin but he knows there the same age.

Ryan’s dad does not have any sisters or brothers due to him being the only child. This means they do not have any cousins to visit. Ryan has a happy life and has had more than one girlfriend. He has never been truly in love with someone and therefore finds himself lonely but is it all about to change?

Ryan was having an ordinary day, in front of the TV on his tod. Ryan’s mates rung him up, asking him hey Ryan its Aaron. I was just wondering if you fancied coming to a nightclub later with the gang. Conner will be there and George. Its George’s birthday, so we’re heading out for a drink and a dance to celebrate. You should come and celebrate with us. You never know, you may not leave empty handed. I’m pretty sure we could hook you up with someone. Ryan answers sure thing, I am not doing anything else, it will be a laugh.

Ryan got ready as he put on his suit. He wore his blue suit and new white shirt. He wore his lucky gold tie. He put on his shiny black shoes before hitting the dance floor. He got his wallet of gold along with his car keys before hitting the road. He arrives at the nightclub, parking in a vacant slot. He got out the car with his swagger intact, heading to the front door, glancing at either bouncer on entry.

The music was blaring and smoke covered the room. Ryan made his way over to the bar. Hundreds of people covered the dance floor as Ryan weaved in and out of them. Finally Ryan found Aaron, Conner and George knocking back the drinks as they sat in front of the bar.

Aaron said to Ryan Ryan you made it, I guess you can get the next round in. Ryan responded alright then what can I get ya? Aaron answers half coke, half vodka. Conner answers a foster’s and B-day George answers whisky thanks Rye.

Ryan ordered the drinks getting himself a Stella Artois. They all sat there for an hour discussing random things before Ryan spotted something that he could no longer live without. He could not live without her brunette hair; beautiful glowing blue eyes and gorgeously warm pale skin. Ryan’s pupils’ dilated and his heart sped up as he watches the cute sexy chick sitting down with a group of people. She got up to dance and Ryan pounced for this could be his only chance.

Ryan weaved in and out of the dancers, strolling over to his destination. He went up behind her and whispered in her right ear, taking her right hand with his left do you care to dance. She revolves with a sudden stop, looking into his eyes deeply and with a gentle breath, she whispered yes.

Ryan placed his right hand on her left hip and his left on her right.

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