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Ungentlemanly Conduct


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Ungentlemanly Conduct

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Just thirteen months before the opening match of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil has been
declared fi nancially bankrupt and has no alternative other than to withdraw from hosting
the tournament.
Faced with this unprecedented emergency, the thoroughly inept yet ruthlessly tyrannical
President of the Global Confederation de Football, Horst Gasch, and his obtuse sidekick,
Senior Vice President, Serge Le Planque, must fi nd another host nation and fast. Both are
zealous Anglophobes and are desperate to maintain their strategy of staging the tournament
anywhere in the world . . . except England.
Meanwhile, due the death of the local MP in extremely sordid circumstances, Alan Boots
Boothroyd, football fanatic and manager of Sunday league team, overcomes a personal crisis
by deciding to run for Parliament. After becoming sensationally elected, Boots stumbles
across the debaucherous nocturnal pursuits of the countrys senior politicians. Armed with
information that could bring down the government, Boots ingeniously maneuvers himself
into an extraordinary position within the dark, sinister corridors of Westminster.
On the fi eld, the English football team is in total disarray. Coached by a hapless manager
and deprived of key players by the Premier League managers policy of club before
country, the national team has suffered defeat after defeat in the matches leading up to
the World Cup.
When the tournament fi nally begins, Horst Gasch and the hierarchy of the Global Confederation
de Football deviously conspire to engineer a humiliating exit for England.
In response, Boots decides to fi ght back and do whatever it takes for England in her quest
for a Second Star above the Three Lions Crest.
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