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Pain Management Solutions: Managing Pain in Stages


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Pain Management Solutions: Managing Pain in Stages

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Pain is universal. This can be traced from the first toothache evidence in fossil remains of a human jawbone to todays pharmacies packed with a huge spectrum of over-the-counter medications. Millions of people seek treatment for pain every year. In Pain Management Solutions, author Debra S. Cole explores issues related to different types of pain and offers a visionary five-stage approach to pain management.

Cole provides a holistic process to help patients address pain issues due to injury or medical conditions. A comprehensive tool, Pain Management Solutions addresses current pain treatments and considers the various stages of the process of dealing with pain:

The crisis stage of pain

The fix-it stage

The management stage

The rebuilding stage

The resolution stage

Presented in a complete and easy-to-understand manner, Cole offers strategies for coping with pain to help patients rebuild their lives. This guide provides hope and inspiration for anyone who struggles with both physical and emotional pain.

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