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Chronicling Obama: Our First Media-Elected  President


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Chronicling Obama: Our First Media-Elected President

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Deanna Drab is a true American who is giving of her time and passion to express the outrage and concerns that many of us feel about President Obama and the "give-a-way" Congress ....

Dave DAntoni

"As sunlight cuts through darkness, Deanna Drab forces the light of facts and common sense into the political, economic, and social darkness that engulfs this nation."

Larry and Paula Jaques
Athens TX

Columnist Erma Bombeck spread humor like Deanna spreads constitutional conservatism. America needs both.

Jim Romer
Tool TX

Deanna is a Great Grandmother who is as nice as she can be unless the subject is the future of her beloved U.S.A. Then she takes no prisoners and uses the sharpest knuckles in six counties to blast the Obama Administration for its socialist ways. Her opinion pieces are down home and pithy and her political analysis is razor sharp.

Phil Brantley
Gun Barrel City TX

With fear of socialism sweeping our country, many citizens rung their hands and cried "someone do something". Deanna Drab "did something". She took up her pen and expressed our anger, our hope, the patriotic truths, and our fragile freedom. She exposed false claims and accusations with facts.

Deanna Drab is indeed a Pen Warrior for truth and liberty.
Betty Holland, County Chair
Republican Party of Henderson County

Our friendship with Deanna has lasted over 40 years and as the saying goes if you want something done ask a busy person. That's Deanna!! In our neighborhood, no job was too small or too large for her to tackle. So we weren't surprised to see her Letters to the Editor. She is giving her time to a subject she knows must be heard.

Gerry and Hank(deceased) Henry
Irving TX

When reading Deannas letters I always think, Atta, girl!! Keep up the good work.

Ray Allenson
Belton TX

Regardless of your party affiliation, we all want what's best for our country and those we love. Our personal freedoms the Constitution gives us are rapidly being swallowed up by those in power. We, as freedom loving people, need to speak out, and Deanna does an excellent job of that. We need more powerful voices like hers.

Cled and Peggy Painter
Athens, TX.

Years ago when I met Deanna, I realized I was a Political virgin. Deanna knew I was confused about politics in general and she took special care to give me a balanced look at all sides of the political parties so I would be well informed especially when it came time to vote. Her political ideas and ideals are as important to her as is her love for family and country. Thanks to Deanna and her tutelage, I am no longer a virgin.

Sandy Tiffee
Whitewright, TX

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