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Marco the Little Chef: Makes Macaroni and Cheese


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Marco the Little Chef: Makes Macaroni and Cheese

Länge: 34 Seiten6 Minuten


Marco the Little Chef will take you and your kids on an adventure to find the ingredients needed to make a delicious homemade macaroni and cheese meal for the whole family. Throughout their journey, Marco and his dog, Pepperoni, travel all over the world learning about where different types of pasta and cheeses originated and how they are made.

When the reading is done, the cooking lesson can begin with a complete recipe for making homemade macaroni and cheese with your own little chef. The best part is that the story ends with a full and happy tummy for all.

Come and join Marco on this amazing food adventure as he learns about making the perfect macaroni and cheese!

This fun and educational adventure will bring out the little chef in everyoneso start your cooking adventure today!

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