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Expose and Uproot: Doing Targeted Prayer Warfare


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Expose and Uproot: Doing Targeted Prayer Warfare

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Satan will like to stop you from reading this book in which his schemes have been exposed in great detail. The revelations in this book will make the kingdom of darkness vulnerable to the onslaught of prayer-warriors. It is not enough to pray generally against satanic devices, but doing targeted prayer warfare against different satanic devices is the sure way to devastate Satans kingdom. You must read this book. Believe it and practice its truth. Pray the prayers that will turn around all your captivities and the bondage experienced in your environment now!

Exposing Satanic Devices series will come in volumes. Each volume is packaged as a complete and separate book which can be appreciated with or without reference to previous or subsequent volumes. However, reading through all the volumes in the series will be a more complete study in dealing with varied satanic devices.
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